Worse than High School Bullies.

As a Youth Worker, I have worked in High Schools with many young people who have been bullied. It is a serious problem which causes pain & harm. It’s heartbreaking.

I see a parallel with our country leaders & it worries me.

When politicians are interviewed, they mainly answer questions by putting down the opposite side, show little respect, never admit they’re wrong, make promises, lie and belittle others to make themselves sound superior. Politicians never answer straight! It’s so annoying I often switch off.

There is so much negativity that stems from the leaders of our country. I don’t like how we treat some vulnerable people such as asylum seekers. I don’t like the fear that is generated, started by politicians & intensified by the media.

I was appalled at how bullied Julia Gillard, our first female Prime Minister was. Instead of cheering that we had made such amazing progress & had a woman at the top of our country, instead of supporting her. She was treated terribly.

I think politicians are contributing to the bullying epidemic. They role model to all of Australian society, including school kids that to be at the top, you shit on everyone else publicly!

Australia is a lucky country. Our Governments have done some great things. We have a free amazing healthcare system, free public education (school level), payments for people who are vulnerable & need assistance, (Centrelink do an amazing job for us). We have been paid to have babies! They are working hard to increase advantages for Aboriginal people and to close the gap between black and white. To restore the damage done in our past, Kevin Rudd gave the much needed Apology to our Aboriginal people.

And importantly we live in a democracy, where we have freedom of speech and beliefs. Our government parties can change without violence erupting. We live in a free country! I now realise that being a part of the political system is a privilege many do not have.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the positives though when the majority of what we hear from our leaders and media is negative.

It is frustrating how the opposition in government is exactly that – opposite. Doesn’t matter if an idea is good, they oppose it. It shows that the two major parties are less for Australia and more for themselves. Their purpose is to deride the other party rather than working for the greater good of Australia or the environment!

At times I’ve wondered why Australian’s are so obsessed with our so called sporting hero’s, I believe it’s because of the great attitude they exhibit. They put in 100% effort; aim for victory but in the face of defeat, show great sportsmanship. They congratulate the winners & accept the outcome, whilst remaining proud of their effort. You rarely hear them rubbishing the winner. This is respect, this is the right attitude. This is not a how I’d describe our politicians.

Almost every aspect of what politicians do is not believable, from the congratulatory speeches to their mannerisms, (shaking hands & laughter) it all appears false to me.
So, I try to focus on the positives, I don’t watch the news, I chose not to see Politicians & the other bad news that dominates. However I listen to the radio & these are my thoughts…

I wanted to put a picture of the Julia Gillard, Mark Latham handshake as my photo, or even the Latham/ Howard handshake, but I didn’t hear back from my copyright request, Google it if you will – it illustrates my point on bullying perfectly!