Worn with a smile! (Outfit of the day – Blogmas)

My friend Nat is wearing a 2 year old baby on her back & an almost 4 month old baby on her front. She wears them fashionably with two of her many pretty baby wraps, with brilliant red hair, crocheted headscarf, red glasses & a beautiful smile. Here is her story of how this outfit came about!

‘Made the mistake of not checking that the stroller or kiddy leash was in the car when going grocery shopping this afternoon.

Tried to put toddler in carrier on Daddy’s back, but toddler wouldn’t have a bar of it so tried mine, nope didn’t want that either.

Toddler wanted to walk so mummy has his hand while daddy is getting trolley I yell “get one we can put them both in”, as the toddler gets away from me.

We dive under the black rope thing stopping people exiting the shop between registers, up the toilet paper aisle he goes gets all the way to the end, running full tilt giggling his head off.

I cut down the middle of the shop make a grab for him as he passes the cooking oil. Shouting an apology to the worker I cut off as I try to catch the escapee.

Miss him as he dashed through the bakery weaving in and out if the oldies with their trolleys.

Finally caught him as he passed the Deli. Slung him over my shoulder and marched to the front of the store to find hubby hadn’t even made it to the door yet, he had managed to obtain a trolley with a baby and toddler seat.

It takes two of us to wrangle him into the trolley seat as he became “that child” you know, the one you could hear from the other side of the shopping complex at peak hour.

Get in the seat now in veggie section calming him down which is fine but every time one of us goes to touch the trolley he pushed our hands away. At least the baby was giggling.

Ok, change of tactics required, out of trolley into carrier on my front. Yep ,there’s that ear splitting scream. Get him strapped in, thank God boob fixes everything! Three aisles later blissful silence he’s asleep!

Lasted the whole shopping trip asleep on my front. Baby in the shopping trolley seat, as we start to approach the registers she gets restless.

Cue transfer of toddler to my back, still asleep, wrap baby on front over the top of his carrier, totally backwards of how it should be done, but by this time who cares!

Complete shop done, even managed to stop at the bottle shop (sort of feels like entering the Forbidden City especially with two kids strapped to you).

Dawdled back to the car, when hubby questioned why, I said “because one of them is bound to wake up” and both of them did while putting them in the car!

Toddler making your dead to me eyes all the way home. Everyone out of the car I was then pinned to the lounge for the next few hours as overtired toddler had to sleep on top of me.

Oh the adventures of motherhood.

How was your day?

Thanks Nat, great story!


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