Wo-Man Flu

Ladies I’ve been thinking about the need for an epidemic that I believe should go viral! It’s pretty self-explanatory; however I’ll give you a few pointers. sickme

Wo-man Flu:
• Be fully present with your illness & pain (even if it is fairly minor). Feel it, acknowledge it even dwell on it! (practice mindfulness!)
• Express it – exaggerated coughing, groaning & talk about it – a lot! (this may help with you being left alone – I mean who really wants to hear the details of someone else’s sickness)
• Stop doing all the things you normally do. You need to focus on one thing, rest & recovery!
• If you are unwell, stop cooking dinner, stop cleaning the house, stop doing everything.
• Stop your damn multi-tasking!
• You are doing yourself & everyone a favour. If you cook, you may spread your germs. If you clean you may do the same. If you try to do everything else you may make a mistake. It is not worth it.
• Drop your standards. If you get help & it’s not to your high standard; what’s it matter?? If the washing gets brought in – Great! If it is not folded properly – who cares? {In fact drop your standards all together, but you may need to start practicing with the illness.}
• Don’t even think about ironing! (if you are one of the few who still irons in the first place! – not me)

We have so much to deal with on a daily basis. I am merely suggesting we slow down. Make the opportunity to rest. Give others in your family the opportunity to step up, to help out & find out how much you really do.

So many women I know are Super Mum’s. One friend told me she had 45 minutes before she had to go out, to bath 2 children, cook dinner for the family, feed her farm animals & get ready to go. We do this sort of thing all the time. Delegate Ladies! Most men, (I like to assume), will help if you ask them to. They just need to be asked, sometimes the obvious pointed out & clear instructions given. They don’t have much choice if you are sick! For goodness sake, don’t give them a choice!

I told my Mum about this the day she was going for a flu injection. She said to my Dad as she left for the Doctors. “I may not be able to cook tonight, my arm may be too sore” YES MUM THAT’S IT!!

I wish you good health, but in the event of not so good health, Wo-man Flu it okay!