Who’s in charge of your Celebrations?

Any excuse for a party, you will often hear an Australian say, but is it really true?

I often wonder why don’t we celebrate some really good holidays in Australia? Thanksgiving (a day about being grateful for the food, harvest & all we have?) Or Halloween (a time to dress up spooky, meet your neighbours & eat lollies!) It puzzles me?

In my house, we love a good celebration, any opportunity to get dressed up. My daughter is 1/2 Canadian & this year we celebrated Thanksgiving.

How to make it work

Give yourself plenty of time. (I took a full day)

Buy good fresh & local produce. (I went to a local Farmers Market and Community Garden.) What I couldn’t get from them I bought from a local fruit shop & butcher.

Write a list

listKeep calm & enjoy the process

Include kids where possible & give entertainment so you can get your work done

My messy work space & hers!
My messy work space & hers!

Have good music playing!

Get tips from the experts. I consulted Canadian relatives & they suggested the following:


Large chicken (they suggested Turkey – but hey we are Aussie’s)
STUFFING made from scratch (add rice for a Native twist)
Mashed Turnip with brown sugar
Mashed potatoes – (made with cream & a pinch of salt)
Green beans
Spinach & cauliflower (added by me)

Pumpkin Pie is a must with fresh whipped cream ( we added Ice Cream)

Here is my stuffing recipe & although I am no expert. This was pretty awesome!


stuffingThe Nights festivities
We asked our guests to wear red, Canadian theme & to not bring anything.

My Mum arrived with a lovely bunch of eatable flowers; my friend arrived with her first harvest of zucchini. Lovely touches & very appropriate!

My daughter gave a short candle lighting ceremony, which included a short description of what we’d be eating & history of Thanksgiving. Before eating we went around the table saying what we were thankful for.  I recommend this anytime or alternatively ‘Best thing about your day’.

ceremonyAll the food was served on the table with empty plates in front of us. We dished up food for each other.

tableThe desert was the much desired Pumpkin Pie.  If you have not tried one, do it – trust me!  It’s a bit like a creamy custard.

The Recipe got from Canadian Living – it is delicious & simple.  (Recipe below)

thanksgiving 043I’d run out of frozen pastry so I got a simple recipe for short crust pastry (see below). I was surprised how easy it was to make – it has 3 ingredients! The recipe didn’t say to pre-cook the pastry, but I did in line with the instructions on the Pumpkin recipe.


The Clean up

Everyone pitched in – I highly recommend letting your guests do this. Why keep it all to yourself? It’s much more fun cleaning up with guests to talk to.

dishpigWe finished the night with a game of Charades for a few laughs.

We’ve booked this one into our family celebrations from now on. Parties do take some effort if you want good food & atmosphere.

I don’t care if other Aussies don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  I think too many people worry about where holidays come from & not being “Australian”!  I think people forget majority of our holidays originate overseas.

We are in charge of celebrations in our family, we love culture & trying something new!  I believe any excuse for good food, good company & fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

8 thoughts on “Who’s in charge of your Celebrations?

  1. Yes it is Louise. I’m so thankful for out Canadian connections and support. I loved the rice in the stuffing! It could be my new favourite holiday!

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting. If this is who I think it is, I thought of you when I posted this. You guys should do a late one of put it in the calendar for next year. It was a lot of fun!

  3. Great description of a wonderful celebration. It’s important to celebrate ( as you already know). Having a feast as in thanksgiving meal is a great time to reflect and show our gratitude for the simple abundance around us.

  4. Great idea! Everything looks soo yummy, esp the pumpkin pie! We meant to celebrate it too this year, but then got busy and forgot all about it! I’m with you – I don’t understand why people get their knickers in a twist about celebrating traditions considered ‘non-Australian’. Everything’s from somewhere else if you go back far enough!

  5. This was lovely!! I really like the cultural crossover, it’d great that you celebrate all your roots 🙂 xx
    (hope that made sense, I’ve not been awake long so my brain hasn’t fully woken up)

  6. Yes!! Nailed it! Made me wish I was there 😊😊 Iight try that stuffing never tried Canadian festive recipes. Your tart/pie looks fabulous, I love that everyone said what they were thankful for, great idea am stealing that for my next dinner party. Like you, am all up for the any excuse for a celebration with good food and warm company. Well done hun, great post. 😆😊

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