What have you done for the Planet Lately?

Sung to the tune of Janet Jackson’s song “What have you done for me Lately” I have this habit of thinking of songs that match what I’m talking to someone about or what I’m thinking of!

Tonight I put in an expression of interest to a blog I follow called ‘Recycled Interiors’ I’m hoping they might share a post of mine on their blog, they have over 10,000 followers!  As I wrote about all the reasons I’d love them to share my blog, I realised I haven’t written about what I’ve done environmentally for a while.

I often post my Op shop finds on my Facebook Page, but someone looking at my blog may not realise what my real passion is!

So here’s  what I have done lately…

  1. I went into a local Op shop today in my lunch break. I didn’t find anything, it was a very brief look & that in itself is a bit environmental that I didn’t buy something for a change!  I’m trying to get ‘less stuff’ but can’t resist the pull of Op Shops
  1. I have been de-cluttering the house a bit lately. I have sold a few things on the local Buy Swap Sell page for cheap!  I’m trying to minimize.
  1. My Mum & I have a little honesty plant stall going out the front of my house. I live on a main road & there is quite a bit of traffic, I am capitalising on this.  All plants are babies from other plants & are potted in recycled pots or cartons/ containers.  I sell all plants for $2 only & in about 2-3 months we’ve made $107.00 It’s a lot of fun checking the mail box each day.  I’m going to take my Mum out for a meal with our money!  When my mandarins are ripe, they will take priority!
  1. I a bit obsessed with making things out of recycled cardboard boxes.  I recently made a little boat from a box for my nephew’s 13th He got his boat licence for his birthday.  I filled the boat with fishing stuff, his favourite drink, chips, etc.  He said it was one of his favourite gifts.  I also made a little stable for my friends 40th & put a handmade knitted horse I’d bought for her in it. Her dream is to get a real horse.stableAnd finally, I made another cubby houses for my baby girl, which she loves. This one has doors so small only she can squeeze in them.

cubby5. I have begun making my own yoghurt. Do you know it really is easy!  Surprisingly so.  I think it may be the next post I write!  Would anyone like to know???


  1. I made a Dogs Bed for my Jack Russel, Spot, from a pair of old jeans, filled with clothes I was going to donate. I saw this on a Facebook Clip put on by ‘Tip Dog’. I found him snuggled up in his kennel on them this morning.
  2. I learnt to make my own Sauerkraut. Some friends & I get together & teach each other how to make natural foods.  Our first lesson was on making sauerkraut & the 2nd was the yoghurt.  We have our own Facebook group & plan on doing more sharing/ teaching.
  3. I grew (well they grew themselves) a heap of Pumpkins!  They went over the fence into my neighbours yard, who I sweet talked into keeping them.  I then shared the pumpkins & made them a Pumpkin Cake to say THANKS! pumpkins
  1. I visited a really great local farm who have a sustainable focus on Easter Sunday. My husband & I came away really inspired & started revamping our garden & yard, moving water tanks & planning for another garden.  Next plan is for bees!
  2. Yesterday I visited a local nursery & got some new seedlings & planted them, the chooks almost totalled my last lot!
  3. I found a new form of Art I enjoy, recycling canvas’s with a collage of quotes/ pics from magazines.
  4. I made a cake for a friend, entirely of fruit!cake
  5. I made homemade/ homegrown oven dried tomatoes
  6. I continue to drink Banrock Station red wine! Most Environmental wine I know of.
  7. Today I signed up for an awesome local workshop on composting. I really need to learn more, to maximise my current compost.
  8. I have also signed up for a 21 day to a More Sustainable Home Program starting May 23rd with www.recycledinteriors.org I can’t wait!
  9. I save wrappers & encourage my Mum to continue making her amazing recycled package bags.  I got her to make one for my friend, who loved mine.

mums bagMostly though, I continue to care. The environment is such a concern to me, it is never far from my thoughts.  I try to be mindful of things I do & look for new ideas to implement.

You can check out my earlier lists of what I do here http://myownclarity.com/trying-to-be-green/ and http://myownclarity.com/trying-to-be-green-part-ii/

Fingers crossed I get a guest post on recycled interiors, I’d be pretty excited!

Now over to you Greenie; What have you done lately?


4 thoughts on “What have you done for the Planet Lately?

  1. Some really great things you have done & continue to do Sarah. Thank you so much for your list 🙂

  2. – We have a native garden & always plant plants that are appropriate to our local area
    – I try not to get plastic bags at the supermarket & if I do, I either reuse them or take them back to the supermarket to be recycled
    – I try to limit the new baby things I buy (I am very lucky to have a sister who gives us lots of pre-loved things)
    – I tried to use cloth baby nappies but found this difficult. Now I at least try to use them sometimes
    – I used to try to ride my bike rather than drive, although I must admit this hasn’t been the case lately
    – I vote for the Greens
    – We buy things off ebay (& op shops)
    – We try not to eat too much meat

    PS I’d like to know how to make yoghurt!

  3. Thanks Sid, well if it makes you think about it, I’m happy! Plenty of room for movement! Perhaps you can get a worm farm for your apartment!!??? 😄

  4. So, what have I done for this planet lately? The answer is probably absolutely nothing. I`m ashamed. And you listed so many activities! (I think that box is just perfect). When I get home, I`ll have to think about some activities to show environment is something I care about as well (but so far I was just like “meh”, like everybody else around).

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