Trying to be Green – Part II

Mini capsicums!
Mini capsicums! {Not chillis}

I’ve enjoyed thinking about ways to be environmental this past couple of weeks. This list is my own, not googled or copied from anyone.  I think this stuff is important. Hope it gives you some new ideas!


27. Put a bucket/ ice cream container under the shower or any taps while you are waiting for the hot water to come through & use it for:
a. watering plants,
b. pet water drinking water- (I keep a 2 litre ice cream container in the shower for my cat & dogs),
c. filling up your jug or water bottle.

28. Put used bath water into buckets – for soaking nappies or other clothes, can also be used to water plants.

29. Our house has 5 water tanks, which we use for drinking, watering the garden, filling the pool & outdoor fish tank.

Our 10,000 litre tank & one orange tree.
Our 10,000 litre tank & one orange tree.

30. One of our water tanks is specifically for drinking water – the best kind – great taste with no chemical taste, no cost, no plastic & it’s free from the sky. There are a couple of tricks to ensuring the water is as clean as possible, but it’s simple & we have the best water!

31. Have shorter showers. Put a timer in your shower – many water companies give away egg timers that stick in your shower. Or have a clock in your bathroom. (an area I can improve on), we are so lucky in Australia to have running water in every house. I often think of how far some people have to walk to get water & how hard it must be)

32. Have less showers; do you really need 2 a day? In many countries they don’t have one daily. I think we are a little obsessed with showering & cleanliness.

33. Do small amounts of washing up in an Ice Cream container. I learnt this one from my Nan many years ago. There is no need to use a full sink of water every time.

34. Make sure your dishwasher is full each time you put it on. It helps to have enough cups, plates & utensils to be able to do this. Make sure you do the same when washing clothes.


35. We have only one car. My husband rides to work, I drive him sometimes. My daughter catches the bus home to/from school most days unless there is something on. It can be a little inconvenient at times but we work together to share our car.

36. Car pool when possible. I find it disturbing to see the amount of cars with 1 person in each car.

37. Avoid bottled water; we have some of the best drinking water in the world in Australia. And each time a plastic water bottle is made oil is used to make it & lots of petrol/ transport required. I try to remember to take my own water bottle as much as possible.

Some of my re-usable stuff!
Some of my re-usable stuff!

38. Buy Australian made & when possible local.

39. Get on your bike! Bike riding, is the most environmental form of transport & an easy way to duck to the local shops or do some exercise & its FUN!

40. Walk more.

41. When you are going into town or to do errands, make sure you do a few things in the one trip, rather than driving every time you need to do something.


42. Take your own bags shopping – I leave them in the car so I don’t forget. I don’t get small plastic bags for Fruit & Veg unless absolutely necessary. Things like bananas don’t need a plastic bag; they have a natural protective coat. I even have some small net bags that can be used instead.

43. Shop at any local roadside stalls to support local people, get fresh & often organic food which has only travelled from garden to letterbox.

44. Re use any containers/ tins/ jars that you can, this can save you buying new containers & reduce landfill. Some glass jars, bottles make very nice vases.

45. Buy any products you can that are recycled. I have bought ‘naturale 100% recycled toilet paper for as long as I can remember. It’s not expensive nor is it hard, quite soft in fact. No one in my family has had any problems with it.

46. An alternative to buying baby wipes is to use face washers, handkerchiefs or any other washable material instead. In days gone by people just used water & a cloth to clean a baby’s bum. Especially easy if you are using cloth as you just throw the washers in with the nappies.


47. Keep cats indoors majority of the time & always at night.

48. Always pick up your dog poo on walks, reusing a small shopping bag or food bag.

49. When I can I cook mince for our dogs, I add pasta & some greens. I like to do this as dog food looks so boring & I’d rather not buy tins of dog food.

50. We do buy huge bags of good quality dog biscuits from the pet shop also.

51. Buy kitty litter that is biodegradable & in a huge bag.

52. If you don’t have chickens, but know someone close who does, give your scraps to them. My sister has given my chooks some awesome feasts.

53. I’ve also taken home scraps from restaurants for my girls (chooks)

There is plenty more that I have not included, I have not discussed organic food, or other food choices & I’m sure there is a plenty more. But I can always add part 3 one day..

Until then – Stay Green!


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