Today’s list- what’s in the fridge?

Today’s list challenge is ‘what’s in your fridge’.  Having been away over the weekend there was not much so we went shopping this morning, now it’s full of good stuff!  I do my menu plan on Monday for the week also, after doing my stocktake of what I already have to use in pantry, freezer, fridge & garden.  So here’s my list:

whatsinthefridgeWhilst making the list, little miss came along & pulled out some strawberries, so we ate some of them & then got into the watermelon too.  Yum! It’s nice when you have a full fridge.



3 thoughts on “Today’s list- what’s in the fridge?

  1. That’s more than what’s usually in mine, perfect time for a public list ha ha. I buy the pre-marinated tofu & we all love it in stir fry’s.

    Bet your fridge is all full again now. 🙂

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