Things that put me in a good mood!

You may have noticed I like writing lists.  There is a blogger I follow, Di from who gives a topic to write a list on each week.  This week has been my favourite so far and I recommend you do your own.
Today I spent the day thinking about things that put me in a good mood. And guess what it put me in a good mood!  It is so nice to think about things we like. It’s too easy to focus on the negatives.
When you’re feeling down it’s easy to forget the things that make you feel good.  I think it’s really beneficial to have a list you can pull out like this, to remind you of things you can do to lift your mood.  I will be doing this this with the young people I work with in future.  I got my 11 year old daughter to do it also.
So here’s what puts me in a good mood!
A cooked breakfast on the weekend, out or at home.
Clean sheets ( I love them too Di!)
Rearranging making changes/improvements to my home.
(At the moment I’m working on my “she shed” (opposite to the man cave))
A nice pen, that feels right when you write. 😄
A head massage at the hairdresser.
A foot massage or pedicure.
Any massage really!
Laughing, really cracking up and being silly with my daughter.
Mickey Mouse.
Rummaging through a good op shop and finding great stuff.
Having and using things that belong to my Nan and Grandma, E.g. a recliner armchair that was My Grandma’s which I feed my baby in and The cardigan I wear that belonged to my Nan.
Being underwater.
Visiting someone’s house and having a glimpse into their life.
Old photographs.
Going out for a coffee.
The winter sun.
A tidy house, especially a clean kitchen!
My Cat, Captain Jack Sparrow.
Looking at my dog trotting along with a grin on his face when I walk him.
Drinking tea from beautiful fine bone china which belonged to my Grandma and Nan.
tea cupsWriting.
Listening to favourite songs.
When my husband takes my hand and I’m not expecting it.
Selling my mandarins.
The smells of Juicy fruit tree (Port Wine Magnolia) and Jasmine
Starting the day with a walk.
A good book.
Getting into bed when my Electric blanket has warmed it.
Shutting my eyes & listening to the sound of the wind rustling the trees.
Watching my baby girl discovering the world.
I’d love to see your list!
Meg x
ps. Here’s my daughters list


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