Things I wish I’d known 5 years ago – Day 18 Blogtober


Nothing more than what I knew then.

I was 35; I was living in my own unit, which I had recently bought as a single parent with my 7 year old daughter. I was proud of how I had managed my money & had my own place. I was working as a Youth Worker in a job I loved. I’d been in a relationship with my future husband for 18 months.  From now on I will call him ‘Mr. Meg’ as he’s my husband now.  (Inspired by Sophie from Sophie’s voice & her Mr. Sophie)

The photo below was taken on 16th October, 2010 when we went to the Akoostik Festival, which we went to again today.  Mr. Meg is holding the actual Melbourne Cup, which was there that day.

Mr Meg.I can honestly say when I look back, I’m happy with the choices I made. I was very protective of my daughter, not introducing her to Mr Meg until I got to know & trust him. I put him through the ringer to see if he was for real.  He had nothing to hide & answered every question or concern I had with openness.

My previous marriage had ended badly 5 years previous to that. I am proud of the years I had as a single person, learning to be comfortable with myself. I believe it’s important to be able to be happy on your own before you can be happy with someone else.

Today I am married & have been for 3 years.  I’ve had another beautiful baby girl with the most supportive & open man I’ve ever met. I didn’t think I’d have another baby, I was happy with just one. So I feel absolutely blessed to have another. We have a lovely home, surrounded by loving pets. My eldest daughter & I are still very close & she gets on well with Mr Meg & adores her baby sister. I am close to my family & have some wonderful friends in my life.

I truly believe everything we go through in life teaches us important lessons. It’s a bit of a cliché but hard times make us stronger, you just can’t see it at the time. I’ve been through hard times even in the past 5 years but all of it contributes to the person I am today.

8 thoughts on “Things I wish I’d known 5 years ago – Day 18 Blogtober

  1. I’m so happy for you and your lovely family. Your attitude towards your struggles is something to be exceptionally proud of. I love that you don’t regret the past, and I’m hopeful that one day I’ll be as wise x

  2. This made me cry. Mr Meg looks very nice. I’m so glad that you found happiness for you all. Life is tough sometimes, isn’t it? For whatever reason, it just can’t make things easy for any of us. When you find that place where things are natural, it’s wonderful.

  3. And this, is why I would not want to know anything different. I wouldn’t be me after all! it would be a different version of the me I know. You story is beautiful and i wish you and Mr.Meg and the girls a wonderful and fulfilled life.

  4. Hard times make us stronger and also helps us to appreciate the good aspects of our life even more. Simple abundance and gratitude every day:)

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