The way to a woman’s heart…

I looked into my fridge this morning & was greeted with the most amazing sight. A perfectly made Nutella cheesecake! It got me to thinking; I wonder how many men realise this very simple way to a woman’s heart – COOK.

nutella cheesecake2You can impress a new girl by cooking. My husband invited me over & cooked a beautiful meal, which he served on his back deck early in our relationship. It was very romantic. He is extraordinary though as he cooked his own bread before I knew him and made chocolate slices & took me on picnics. Granted he was 39 when we met, very independent & capable. But age is no cop out.

My friend’s 14 year old boy bought an amazing Gluten Free chocolate brownie slice to lunch on the weekend. I’m not kidding when I tell you it is the best chocolate slice I’ve ever eaten. My friend went on to tell me how in the past he would often get sick of waiting for her to cook dinner so he learnt he could do it himself. What brilliant motivation, smart boy and mother.

I once lived next to an elderly gentleman in his 80’s whose wife died slowly. In her bed ridden days she would instruct him on how to cook their dinners. He learnt to cook & had to carry on cooking for himself when she died.

In modern relationships I believe one of the keys is equal divisions of labour, respect and no longer labelling one job or other as “a man’s job” or “woman’s work”. So why not cooking, it is a constant through life. I’m not saying the majority of one household chore can’t be undertaken by one partner, but in the kitchen there is definitely a time to balance the scales and show you care.

Many women don’t particularly like cooking. I’m not the biggest fan, however I love to eat & therefore I cook. I have practiced this skill to become quite good.

I’m also a strong believer in teaching our children to cook, boys & girls. Not only do they love it but it helps the family. My daughter has been cracking eggs & helping me cook since she was 2! She is now 11 & cooks a meal on a weekly basis by herself; she’s done this for a few years now.

The time is here for the males to man up, give it a go or {continue your good form}. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your relationship. A guaranteed way to impress your partner is to cook, learn if you must. If you can read, you can follow a recipe. It’s not that hard. I guarantee she will appreciate it.

Now get in the kitchen, where you belong.  ha ha 🙂


4 thoughts on “The way to a woman’s heart…

  1. Great Post!!!
    Just one thing to add…. Men don’t leave mess behind you from one on of the kitchen to the other – that is counter productive.

    Funnily enough the fourteen year old foodie is trying to get dinner moving along more quickly right this moment.
    He is coming up with ways to jazz up the rice cos heaven forbid I serve fish with plain old rice

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