The Truth about Christmas…

It’s a day of high expectations! A day where you are supposed to be happy & spending it with  your loved ones. A day where kids expect excitement ALL day! From the break of dawn until they hit the pillow.

It’s a day of high emotion.  It can be tiring!

Last night, I reflected on my day. It was good, one of the better ones. It had been special, as you hope Christmas will be. A beautiful lunch, surrounded by family & everyone got on; happiness, relaxation & fun. The sun shone!

Truthfully it’s not always like that. It can be stressful, it can be overwhelming. At times I’ve felt depressed & wondered why. I’ve remembered those no longer in my life & felt sad. You can’t always put on ‘happy’ even if it is Christmas.

What must Christmas be like if you don’t have family or friends to spend it with? What if you don’t have money or the ability to give gifts? How would you feel if you got nothing given to you? What if you don’t have food or a home?

What about those who lost their parents, siblings, friends or children this year? What if your marriage just ended? This may have been your first Christmas without them, (or the second). Christmas could be the most difficult & awful time. Today some people may be relieved it’s over.

I hope this was not you. But if it was, how hard! My thoughts are with you.

I was lucky this year, I know I was! I enjoyed my Christmas, it was kind of a relief to tell the truth! {I handled it & enjoyed it}

I’m sorry if you didn’t, I hope you are ok. Christmas can be hard!

bon bons