My nephew’s Birth Day – 7th August 2017

I awoke and checked my baby.  I whispered a prayer for my little sister who is in labour tonight/ now!  I tried to go back to sleep….

3:09am – is this the moment he is being born? Or is he already?

First pic of my nephew

I can’t sleep, who am I kidding.  This is an exciting night! ‘The night my nephew is born’, sounds like a blog post title.  I haven’t written for a while, GET UP, what an occasion.  Write!

I think I might paint my nails too! I often do that in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

Yesterday we had a pamper day for the parents to be:  We (and by we, I mean my hubby) cooked a lovely breakfast.  My other sister bought her coffee machine & was barrister.  Super girl was chief babysitter of the 2 littlies.  I gave both the parents to be pedicures.  What kind of man lets his sister in law give him a Pedi, you ask? A bloody good one: open minded & smart.  (Who’d knock one back!)  Maybe I bought on the labour, I wonder!  I gave her a good little foot massage!  LOL – we joked about it bringing it on. (Due date was 12/8/17).  This was their equivalent to a baby shower.  No gifts, just time together, experience & a little pampering.

We had a guessing the date & weight game.  No one guessed that very day/ night!

I make a cup of tea ‘Sleep tight’ it’s called, a herbal mix.  Yeah right, I think, I doubt I’ll get any more tonight.  I’m too excited.

I said to my little sister the other day how I couldn’t believe, she & I have kids the same age.  She is 7 ½ years younger than me.  Her eldest is 2, my youngest is 3.  I wouldn’t have picked us having kids so close.  I’m glad we did, they are good play mates.

My eldest is almost 14.  My middle sister’s eldest is 14 already, they are 5 months apart.  We were pregnant together.  My niece, her daughter is 11 and we get on well.  We like a lot of the same stuff.  The 3 of them are very close.

Mum & Dad are away for the night in Sydney.  They’ll be itching to get back tomorrow.  We’ll all be up at the hospital to meet our newest family member.

Thank God we live in a country with such good maternity care.  Please keep my sister & nephew safe as he enters this world.  And thank you for my family.

Aunty Meg xo