The Mum Strike

“I’m on strike”

I announced my strike from cooking on 2nd February & wrote it on my meal planning board!  “I’m not angry at anyone, I’m just tired” I explained.  No one argued.  No one seemed surprised actually.

Today, 19th February – I still haven’t cooked dinner!

Week 1

You know I have a Supergirl living at my house.  It’s not surprising really that she stepped up.  She took on the challenge of cooking for the entire week.  Her idea!  She planned every meal.  I bought her whatever she needed – I was happy to!  It was wonderful!  WONDERFUL!

I was willing to return to work after that week.  I negotiated my demands with the family. Everyone (over 3) is to cook 2 meals per week & this includes deciding what you will make.  (I must explain, I’m coming from a place of not cooking every night anyway, my family cook a fair bit already.


Week 2

A funny thing happened:

Each night I just didn’t cook.  Mr Meg made a few meals over the weekend, I was out a night at Yoga another night SO He cooked again and Super girl continued to step up.   It helped that I went away for some work training for 2 nights.  (and ate amazing food at restaurants!)

I got home on Friday at 5:30pm.  No one was home.  They returned half hour later with Indian takeaway & the shopping!  Halleluiah!  (My next strike may be from shopping!)

Last night Mr Meg & I had a night to ourselves & had some take out.  The girls were at sleepovers!

Today I have been 20 days cook free!  It feels bloody good!

I wonder how long I can keep this going?!!!

Ps. It started after I read a book called “The woman who went to bed for a year” just a fictional novel but gave me this damn good idea.  And I think my family has benefited from it.  Especially MWA!

Pss. “The world keeps turning when women do less “ Megan Goodsell

{you may quote me on that one!)


3 thoughts on “The Mum Strike

  1. I’m pleased to hear that Mike & pleased she has such a supportive partner & kids to help run the household. I think it means we are all winning! 🙂

  2. Nice one meg. My wife too was fed up with cooking so we all decided to take turns. It is great and gives me hope that my kids will be better able to fend for themselves when they finally leave the nest!

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