The Liebster Award and me!

A couple of months ago I was nominated for the The Liebster Award by Riya from – an award for new bloggers. I was pretty stoked. It is very nice to be recognised by a fellow blogger, thank you Riya!  Riya has a very cool fashion & beauty blog.

Liebster Award
Liebster Award

As  you can see above, part of the award process is for me to answer questions.

Riya’s Questions
1. What is the most important thing you want your readers to get out of your blog?
I’d like my readers to listen to my unique point of view & consider my ideas. I’d hope they might put some ideas into practice or consider something they hadn’t previously. I hope to inspire through honesty & humour about the many aspects of life.
2. Favourite drink?
Easy, Tia Maria & milk & ice!
3. What are your 3 favourite foods
Potatoes (can do so much with them), mushroom (just yum), avocado(make sandwiches & salads so much better!)
4. What are 3 things that can be found in your handbag/wallet?
Lip gloss always, a nappy (I have a baby), a pen!
5. What is beauty to you?
Dark hair, dark skin, long curly eyelashes, great smile, open & honest nature.
6. Beach or Mountains?
I am a beach lover & live near some of the most amazing beaches in Australia. I love to swim, but being born in the Blue Mountains of NSW & falling in absolute love with the Canadian Rockies (I lived in Banff for one year), I’d actually say Mountains really do it for me. Mountains take my breath away.

On top of Sulphur Mountain, Banff, Alberta, Canada where I spent my 24th birthday!
On top of Sulphur Mountain, Banff, Alberta, Canada where I spent my 24th birthday!

7. Blogs you love reading
Every Monday I look forward to reading Di’s list from she writes a new list each week. I enjoy playing along, being a list writer myself. Last week’s list was favourite childhood TV shows.
I’m also currently doing a Spring Cleaning Challenge for September by I am really enjoying it & my house is looking really amazing. I’ve read some of her other posts also & really like her ideas, tips & style.
8. Best gift ever received?
I’d have to say my hanging cane egg chair my husband gave to me. I had no idea & woke to it hanging on my back verandah! I love love love it & so does everyone who sits in it.

Me in Chang Mai Thailand in first Egg chair
Me in Chang Mai Thailand in first Egg chair

9. Your first kiss
His name was Sam, he was boy school captain & I was girl captain at Winmalee Public School. We went to a party one night & a group of us couples were sitting around in a dark room. We kissed – but the way we did it was just hold our lips together. I remember saying to him, ‘should we move our lips or something?’ ha ha . It must have been good however as one of my friends told me she saw my toes curl up when we were kissing! Young love ha ha. It was memorable.
10. If today was your last day, how would you spend it?
Gee this is a hard one. I would just want to spend it with my family. I’d probably be bawling. It would be so terribly hard to say goodbye to those I love. Questions like this remind me not to take for granted the people I love, my health & the many wonders in life.
11. How long have you been blogging & where do you hope to be a year from now?
I started in January this year 2015. I had a 6 month old baby. I was working through Post Natal Depression. Writing helped a lot. I hope to continue my blog and have friends, family & others continue to read it & enjoy it. And I hope to get more feedback!

The next part of the award is for me to nominate 11 bloggers & give them some questions of my own. Bloggers have the choice of accepting the award & there is no pressure or time limit. It really is a pay it forward type of encouragement award to generate new readers & exposure of your blog. It’s also a bit of fun. If they choose to participate they follow the same format I have.  To my readers, why not look at this list & have a look at some of these blogs if you like the sound of them! They will appreciate it I’m sure! I would also love it if any of my readers answered my questions themselves in the comment section!

So the nominees for excellence in blogging, in my awesome opinion are:– Di I love your blog, I love your lists. I love your style. Keep making lists, I’ll keep reading them & playing along! – Gretta you are so innovative & so clever with your ideas of smartening up the house. I love your blog & really relate to your ideas. Big fan! (except not a fan of cleaning the fans!) ha ha – such a clever name for your blog! I like your enthusiasm, your encouragement & support of other bloggers & your content! Mum-bo-Jumbo hosts a Tuesday link up! I just like you! like your humour about children & your down to earth honesty. enjoying your posts & your classy style. Looking forward to getting to know you more. I love your blog. Finally another person who loves vintage clothing. In Australia it’s often called Op Shopping. I once lived in London & loved all the market stalls & great Thrift shops. (This girl has style & models her fabulous clothes, looks like a doll too!) A very classy looking blog who is exploring some interesting topics. Maria lives in a small village in Indonesia! I look forward to following & learning more about her. a creative lady who specialises in making cards & sharing ideas. As a fellow card giver & letter writer, I enjoyed her blog. I noticed this blog a while ago, Betty is really generous giving away tips on blogging & free resources. Her blog looks great & I love her name! (Was my Nan’s name.) I’m not even sure how I found your blog, but I like it, it’s quirky & positive. I’ll be following in future. I like your style & sense of humour, I like that you like markets as I do & cats. Glad I found your blog & will continue to follow you.

My questions for you!
1. What is your biggest environmental concern & what do you do about it?
2. Explain your blog name?
3. Who is your favourite cartoon character & why?
4. Best post you’ve ever written? provide link.
5. Best concert you have ever been to?
6. How do you look after your mental health?
7. Most challenging thing about being a parent? If you’re not one, what do you think it would be?
8. Best thing you cook?
9. What do you remember about being 15?
10. Favourite country, city or town you’ve ever visited & why?    And almost forgot number 11. Favourite animal and why?




thank you thank you thank you

Meg xx

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