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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday!??

  1. I like that quote! I agree, productivity is valuable & I am thankful for it! Productive days are good! I’m a fair way from Richmond. Do you mean Richmond NSW Australia? There is a Raff Base there..?

  2. There is a recent joke in our local noontime cable TV variety show here. “Mas mainam na hindi makatulog kaysa sa hindi magising.” It translates as “It is better to not be able to sleep than to not be able to wake up.” 😉

    It sounds like that you had such an eventful day! Productivity is something truly to be thankful for. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

    PS. Do you live in Richmond? Because when we have flights to Vancouver, we stay in Richmond for our layover.

  3. I will check about the talk Alicia. I know someone was recording it but she was unsure if it’s be clear enough.

  4. It’s amazing the many things we can be thankful for but, are blinded by the few negative things which creep up on us. Look at all the amazing things you can be thankful for, and am sure there are probably hundreds more. Start revolution with being thankful…
    Have a wonderful day at the party, by the way is there a video upload anywhere for the talk you went to?

    : )

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