Sydney Weekender {No kids allowed}

My husband & I just got back from our first weekend away together with no kids, since having our baby. It was wonderful. This year I turned 40! My gift was a weekend away. He booked & arranged it all.  He arranged for my parents to have the princess (baby). Super girl(12 year old) arranged her own stay with cousins.

We left on Friday around 11:30am, drove to Sydney & arrived at the most adorable 1oo+ year old lodge. It felt a bit like stepping into the past. We had the best room, top story, 2nd floor in the garden, the tree house! I loved it. It was shaped like a little barn, complete with barn door, had its own kitchenette & en-suite & a most comfy bed! There were so many little touches to make it a special place. ie: They had a shared kitchen where you made your own breakfast, we were able to squeeze our own orange juice ~ my favourite.

treehouse barn room
Our Tree house barn room

They had home-made cookies & fruit available at all times & there was a picturesque little garden. They had real butter at breaky & when I asked the owner about it, he said ‘we’re into reality’ I liked that! Our bathroom had big pump action shampoo, conditioner & body wash in an Australian made environmentally friendly brand. So much nicer than the little bottles many hotels have. I left them a good message in their visitor’s book at the end of our stay.

On the first night, we caught the ferry from Drummoyne to Circular Quay, I love Ferry travel. I still didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing. I wore this beautiful dress I’d bought when shopping for my 40th, gotta love dressing up! On the ferry I realised we must be going to The Opera House! We had some Indian food for dinner & then headed there ! I only found out what we were seeing when he handed me the Tickets: Cirque de la Symphonie!  brochureIt was brilliant, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra accompanying the Cirque performers. Who were incredible gymnasts, contortionist & illusionists?

The Opera House is an Aussie Icon.  When I travelled, I remember people overseas saying they thought of the Opera House more than any other icon in Australia. It is more famous than the Harbour Bridge, which surprised me. At intermission we left the Theatre & went onto an enclosed balcony type area, it was so Aussie. It seemed like were out on the patio of the Opera House, the view was fantastic, the bridge, Luna Park all lit up & boats on the harbour. What a treat!

The rest of the weekend flew by; my husband’s birthday gift from me was a ride/ training session at the Olympic Velodrome in Bass Hill.

He had the place all to himself & this older gentleman cleverly taught him how to make it to the top edge of the velodrome in about 1 ½ hours. I had fun photographing him, trying to get my perfect shot.

We met our new 5 week old nephew, which was very special. We shopped, had a lovely Japanese dinner the second night & explored more of the city. We slept in until almost 8am on the Sunday! After check out, we went to the Roselle Markets, just my type of place; I found a few cool things!  Here’s some..

Love this dress $5
Love this dress $5
Vintage Tea Party book - heaps of great ideas $1!
Vintage Tea Party book – heaps of great ideas $1!
unused crocheted coasters $3
unused crocheted coasters $3

We had coffee & enjoyed the Sydney culture. I love Sydney; I lived there around 2000 for a few years. I miss it. So it’s important for me to make these visits. Many country siders dislike the big smoke. I love it. I loved living in London also.

Rozelle markets, can you spot the dog?

We valued our time together. We needed it. It’s tiring being a parent, it’s hard to find time together & to do all the things you not only want to do but have to do. The lack of sleep, chores, meals, the bathing etc, it can be mundane. You can start to feel irritated with your partner & other children too. We had lots of time to talk & laugh together. We made plans for our next trip and some other goals for our family & our health. It was wonderful. We decided we’d do this once a year, at least.

I know a lot of people have trouble leaving their kids. I’ve know people who go for years without a night away. I’m not like that. I love my girls to infinity & beyond. But I value my relationship & my own time. I need to do stuff that is not related to children. I like talking about topics nothing to do with kids. I love the city & by visiting it, I continue to enjoy living & appreciating where I live now. By getting away I can be a better Mum & wife. I am lucky I have super involved & supportive family near by & can do that!  It helps knowing your children are in a safe place with people who love them.  It’s also good to know that your kids are okay without you!

And the return home hugs – priceless!

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  1. I was hoping you’d read this one, knowing a fellow Sydneysider. Thanks Di, he’s a good egg & for the birthday wishes xx

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