Night wreckers, dance destroyers, pain in my foot!

Does all glamour come at a price?

At the start of the night they look great, a perfect addition to an outfit.

I feel pretty. I feel tall; I’m the perfect height for heels. I enjoy dressing up and don’t do it often enough. Heels finish an outfit off. I’ve always loved them.  Perhaps more the look of them, the idea of them when they are in a shop or on my feet for about 2 minutes.

In reality within 20 minutes I am wondering why I wore them. I can’t walk far without feeling the pain. My irritation levels rise, my blood starts to boil, why I bother with these stupid things.

Why do we wear them? Do you? Why do females do such things in the name of beauty? Seriously!?

It doesn’t look sexy to be hobbling along with sore feet. It isn’t sexy to complain all night. It doesn’t feel sexy. I also don’t think it’s attractive to be pretending you are fine, when you are not.

So lately I’ve been wearing flats. I love my flip flops & live in them in Summer, bare feet at home, always. I wear nice shoes to work or when going out, shoes that I can walk in, that still look good.

Maybe it’s an age thing based on experience? Or maybe I’m just over pointless shit!

The only question is what will I do with my big pile of lovely shoes?


3 thoughts on “Shoes!@#$%

  1. Haha, don’t worry it isn’t an age issue, I also hate wearing heels and I don’t know many girls who actually enjoy them! Also, those floral wedges are so cute, possibly worth the pain and frustration?

    Kez |

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