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Op shops, market stalls, garage sales, that is my idea of fun & retail therapy. There is not much I like better than finding a great bargain. I prefer it to buying things brand new. I can usually find something good every time I go. There are so many reasons why I like it. It is recycling at its best. It reduces packaging, landfill & consumerism, it costs you a lot less, & you find great things.IMGP1842
I’m sitting on my double recliner lounge which I got from a local op shop for $95 including delivery & it looks brand new! Majority of my clothes are 2nd hand & I prefer it this way. I’m unique; I am not wearing clothes from a chain shop that dozens of other people are wearing at the same time. I find excellent quality things all the time!

For Christmas 2014 my family had an environmental theme, meaning we could buy nothing new, it had to be recycled, home-made, or an experience. Two Bread makers were exchanged, some lovely clothes were received. I was given a slow cooker & a gorgeous casserole dish. One sister made some home-made Dukkah, peanut butter – (my favourite), veggiIMGP1841e stock, pasta sauce & a voucher for a homemade dinner. (Which I’ve recently cashed & am waiting to receive!) My Mum did some sewing & made my daughter some cute little overalls. She also potted me some plants from off cuts in her garden & put them into hanging baskets with bark from her trees! The Grandkids were given photo albums with pictures of themselves that Granddad had taken.  They also got vouchers for a trampolining place next time they visit the city. My baby got her first bike and a cabbage patch from her big sister that cost us 25cents! Movie tickets were given and a family IMGP1836bowling tournament was begun, with tickets for 2 games & a ten pin trophy. It was so much fun seeing what each of us had found.

Op Shopping has been a hobby of mine since I was about 18, when I went from feeling embarrassed to go into an Op Shop to realising what a gold mine is at my fingertips.

Give it a go sometime if you haven’t already, you’ll be surprised by what you find!

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  1. It was a great idea thanks Bree – I got from you! I’d do it every Christmas, not sure if my family would??!

  2. We did this last year. It’s fun but it can also be hard! Nothing like strolling through and digging through the racks and baskets to find a gem though.

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