You’ll need a really large bowl.

8 pieces of various breads (I used light rye & wholemeal)
Olive oil (for cooking onion & bacon)
2 rashes bacon
1 onion
Lots of celery chopped
1 egg
Large chicken (Turkeys aren’t so common in Australia, but you could use a Turkey if you wish)
2/3 cup veggie stock
Chicken salt
Cup of cooked basmati rice
¼ cup pine nuts

Method to my madness
Rip bread into pieces approx. 2cm x 2cm
Put outside in the sun to dry out if it is too fresh. (Don’t put it where dogs can get it!)
Cook rice – make extra for fried rice tomorrow
Cut up Onion, bacon & celery into tiny pieces
Fry the onion & bacon in a fry pan
Wet the (now dry) bread a little with stock, only tiny amounts so it’s not quite wet, just damp
Add beaten egg, celery, onion, bacon, pinch of salt, pine nuts & chicken salt. (I just added a few desert spoons & tasted it to check it was good)
Mix it all together
Leave in bowl in fridge until you are ready to stuff your chicken.
When you stuff chicken, put in both ends. Fold flaps of skin over openings & tie legs together with the band it came with.
Make sure to put extra stuffing in a small casserole dish, trust me it will all go!


When you bake your chook, check time on package or internet. I had a 2kg & it took 2 hours, starting at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes then turned down to 170 degrees in a fan forced oven.