Over the long weekend I read Constance Hall’s first book “Like a Queen”.  I was on board with her message already!

Support other women.  Treat others & yourself, like a Queen!

I’ve never understood why so many girls/women are nasty to each other.  We are all the same; we all struggle with the ups & downs of being female.  It really is quite simple to me, support each other & make life easier, not harder!

This book celebrates our differences without judgement & encourages us to share the journey with acceptance & love.  Constance encourages you to be proud of who you are, as a woman & as a Mum.  We are all doing the best we can & want the best for our kids.

I loved her views on housework; it’s changing the way I feel.  I’m now going to take more pride in my messy house; because I have other better things to do that spend all day cleaning.  I’m lowering housework on my list of priorities.  I will try harder not to let mess bother me as much.

I love the idea of doing kind things for other Queens.  I know so many women who already do this:

  • A meal for a new Mum – so much better than a toy or clothes for the baby.
  • Home picked flowers for a friend who’s feeling low, or on the fence for your neighbour
  • Folding a friends washing, doing her dishes – every little bit of housework helps!
  • Putting the toys away for your Day care Mum when you pick up your kid.
  • Stick a letter or card in the mail to a friend.

I do stuff like this already, but this book gave me even more inspiration.  Constance Hall suggests we do kind things & use the #queensunite hashtag.  It could be our calling card as Queens across the world support each other.

Today, I dropped off some lemons from our tree, to a massage therapist I know.  {I remembered her saying she always needs lemons for her work.}  I stuck some flowers in the container too.  This Queen is making other Queens feel better in her work.  It was a simple gesture I could do.

For lunch I ate hot chips at the park with my 2 most precious Queens, my daughters, we left the house messy!

Yesterday I stuck some Ice creams in one of my best Queens freezer – just because!

I am going to act on the thoughts I get more often, the ideas that come to me of things I could do for other women.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming either.  Isn’t it nicer to focus on making others lives happier, than dwelling on our own troubles.

There are a lot of interesting topics covered in this book, she has great views on bullying, child birth, parenting, relationships, self-care, sex, poo & it’s funny too .  She shares a lot about her personal journey.  I liked her down to earth, realistic style of writing; it’s a bit like having a conversation with a friend.  A friend who doesn’t try to make out she has all her shit together, but who sits with you & mulls over reality & the challenges we are all facing.

I won’t say any more as my book is on its way to one of my closest Queen friends.  I think she’s going to enjoy it.

Queen Meg x

Crowned Queen
Crowned Queen

7 thoughts on “#Queensunite

  1. Hi Kez,

    She is a called a ‘Mummy blogger’, there is some on parenting, you were right. But it shows a good balance I think, with a lot more in it. It’s hard to know what a non parent would think? Read it and do a review as one 😜

  2. What a fantastic message!
    I’m interested in reading her book, but I was under the impression it was about parenthood. Was I wrong? It doesn’t sound particularly parent-y… not sure where I even got that first impression now that I think about it, it was just stuck in my head! Haha! Would you recommend it for a non parent?

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

  3. She sounds like a lovely neighbour. Connection is so important isn’t it! Thanks for your comment Sarah xx

  4. Small acts of kindness can make such a big difference. The other day, at the end of a challenging day, my neighbour dropped in with some toys that her grandsons had grown out of. It made our baby so happy & when she sat down & had cup of tea with me, it made a big difference to my day too.

  5. AHHHH!! I love Constance!! I’m so jealous, being in the U.K I couldn’t really afford the shipping so I’m patiently waiting for cheaper international shipping hehe.
    She’s such an amazingly inspirational person!

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