A Productive, Sustainable Day

I’ve wanted to jazz up my daughter’s room since we moved in a year & a half ago. She has a large room with a huge built in wardrobe that includes shelves either end. All of her clothes, toys, games & some of our things were stuffed inside messily. There was our big old TV & cabinet in the corner as well as her toys & a small chest. It was all a bit hap hazard!
My options were
• 1 Buy a groovy new cube bookshelf I’ve had my eye on for years & put baskets in it for her toys & stuff
• 2. Use things we already have & try to make it look good.
I opted for number 2 first. I asked my mum join me – we like to do stuff like this & she was happy to help.
We had an old cream bookshelf that has been in the family for years. It was once my brother in laws & was rescued from my their verandah when they were going to get rid of it. It had been in my garage for years too. I took a desk I’d been given from our office & my daughter’s filing cabinet – we’d bought for $5 from a garage sale. I got my husband to help move the beast of a TV into the office & moved the new stuff in. We took out the toys she doesn’t use. We moved the bed to a side wall & then vacuumed & cleaned the entire room. It took ALL day! As we cleaned we sorted out stuff she no longer needs. Which we will give away as hand me downs, to Op shops or sell.
My daughter got into it too, putting her books & things on her new shelf. She also put up some pics of cute little dogs over the walls. We found her dream catchers, that had been packed in a box and 2 mobiles she had been given (one when she was 18 months old) and hung them. My Mum bought over a piece of bright pink material she had that we’d hung in my daughter’s room as a baby to brighten it then. And we used it again to drape over the edge of the window.
The result is – fantastic. All evening my girl kept saying how much she loved her new room. It is more of a young ladies room now. I had a really enjoyable day & got great results! There are benefits in being a bit of a hoarder!! This didn’t cost me a thing & was something I found satisfying & fun!  And I made a my little girl happy!

The finished room
The finished room

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