Old Photos – Blogtober challenge day 5

I don’t have 1 old photo to share, I have hundreds!

My Dad is a wonderful family photographer. He has never missed a birthday, Christmas or any occasion. He was a master at capturing precious every day moments. Before I was born he was taking photos. He is up to number 37 in our family albums and he still prints photos out! There are photos from the day I was born on. Every year he took a photo of my Mum & I in front of our Roman numeral clock at precisely 7:14am the time I was born. Until I was 21! I had a great gallery on my 21st birthday of how I’d changed over the years. He was always pulling out the camera & taking our photos. He captured so many wonderful Childhood moments. Absolutely Priceless. My sister’s & I are so lucky; we have our lives recorded in photo.

The first 2 photos of Mum & I in front of the clock
The first 2 photos of Mum & I in front of the clock

He passed his love of photography onto me. And sharing old photos is something I absolutely adore! I have created private Facebook groups with my cousins from both parent’s sides, old school friends and the neighbourhood kids I grew up with. I’ve shared literally hundreds of old photos with them. Everyone seems to love it. I love sharing them & taking people down Memory Lane.

I just did a count & I have 29 photo albums myself! And I haven’t printed out many in the past 10 years – I need to! I take a lot of photos. One of the traditions I started in my family was taking a photo of my daughter in a red bridesmaids dress (from my first wedding to her Father). I photograph her in every year around her birthday. She has grown into the dress & this year it’s a perfect fit length wise. (She’s 12 tall & has bypassed me) I am going to do this with my youngest & she will wear the yellow bridesmaid’s dress her big sister wore to her parents wedding.

So now to the hardest but most fun part, picking a photo or 10 to share.
Why not get out yours & share them around too!

10th birthday photo & the first year Mum didn't pick me up - I was too big!
10th birthday photo & the first year Mum didn’t pick me up – I was too big!

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  1. It is nice that you have a lot of pictures then you have loads to get back to or show to the future grandkids. Your dad’s idea is awesome! I want to try it out with my future kids (very future hehe)

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