My “Wear Sunscreen” Advice

  1. Don’t let people treat you badly, you are valuable and unique!
  2. Use condoms, they are the best form of contraception.  (And ladies don’t let a guy talk you out of it, they will enjoy it regardless.  You will enjoy it more if there is no risk to you.)
  3. Enjoy sex, if you’re not enjoying it, why are you doing it?
  4. Work in a job you believe in, you spend too much time there to be unhappy
  5. You don’t need as much money as you think you do, to live or to travel.
  6. Do your best at school, it’s training for life.
  7. Think about what you want to do after school, what is your dream job? Plan for it!
  8. If you’ve finished school, it’s never to late to re-train, see number 4!
  9. Go to bed when you’re tired! Sleep is soooo valuable!
  10. Go to the beach more, swim, get your hair wet!
  11. Don’t watch much too much T.V.
  12. Don’t hook up with someone too quickly.  Take things slow!
  13. Be proud when you are single, you are independent, you are learning so much about yourself & life.
  14. Be kind to yourself, treat yourself as you would your best friend!
  15. Don’t compare yourself to others
  16. Be kind to your body, appreciate all it does.
  17. Don’t be racist, admire people who are different, be curious and respectful!
  18. Never call someone: “fat, a slut, wranger, spastic, retard” or any “racist or prejudice words” about cultures, countries or religions- words like these are ugly and bullying! You may think it’s funny but you don’t know how the recipient will take it.
  19. be nice to cats, they are only being themselves.
  20. be good pet owners, walk your dog more! Keep your cat inside most of the time & especially at night!
  21. Use your manners
  22. Cook – if you eat & read, you can cook!
  23. Be kind to others, treat others as you would like to be treated!
  24. Wear sunscreen, but also wear a full brim hat, sun glasses, rash shirts & don’t stay in the sun too long!

Do you remember the song?  “Wear Sunscreen” By Baz Luhruman made in 1999.  I loved that song, it has such great lyrics.  Have another listen if you’ve forgotten it.

We all learn so much in this life & have our own experiences to share.  I like hearing other peoples advice.  What did you think of mine?

Writing lists with Di from studio10creative.

First swim of the season 18th November 2015
First swim of the season 18th November 2015



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