My first All-Nighter – age 11..

If you had to pinpoint one moment in time when life was amazing and blew you away could you?  A moment in which you were so excited you jumped and screamed with joy.   If you had the chance to travel back in time and relive it would you?

I do this often in my mind as unfortunately I don’t own a time machine!  There is not much I like more than remembering my childhood! I was incredibly lucky, my childhood was great, the way I wish everyone’s was! I lived in the Blue Mountains of NSW in a wonderful street called Carramar Cres. There were heaps of kids in the neighbourhood. Next door to my house was a vacant lot, turned BMX track by the ‘big boys’ in the street. Every day after school I would head over there & ride around & around. There was an awesome climbing tree, I remember every branch. There were lots of roads on the track as well as jumps & burns around corners so you could go really fast. All the ‘big boys’ had great BMX bikes. I wanted one.

Every Christmas Eve I didn’t sleep much, I was so excited. This particular year I did not sleep one wink, my first all-nigniter! I got up in the morning about 4:30am & went out to the lounge room.   This is the moment I’m talking about!  I couldn’t believe my eyes, my dream bike! There she was beaming her bright yellow rimmed wheels at me! Immured around and screamed! What a surprise, what a perfect bike! Life could not get any better!

"Megan and Bike Christmas Day 1986"
“Megan and Bike Christmas Day 1986”

I think another part of this fond memory is that I was 11, I was on the cusp of the teenage years, but I was hanging onto my childhood. I didn’t want to grow up.

"On our new bikes"
“On our new bikes”

I later found out this was a second hand bike & it didn’t worry me one bit. It used to belong to my older cousin Adam, Mum & Dad had bought it from him & did it up to make it look brand new again. (It’s ironic that this was a favourite gift, as I believe in recycling stuff so much now).

"me doing jumps 17th December 1987" - this is on the BIG jump too!
“me doing jumps 17th December 1987” – this is on the BIG jump too!

I’ve found a few pics from a photo album. I’ve put the exact comments under each one that I’d written in my album. I was 11. Now, I feel I want to explain my hair cut. It was a classic 1980’s cut called the Flick! I had a short fringe & sides over my ears & flicked it backwards; most of my friends had it. I refuse to call it a mullet OK!

If I could turn back time hey. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Post done as part of the Annual Holiday Blog Swap 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh Megan, this is lovely!! the feeling of having something you’ve always wanted and it didn’t matter that it was second hand. Where has the world gone wrong? recycling is what I did as a kid too, there was no end to the creative process. Fab start to the festive swap x

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