My Addictions

My favourite blogger is back Di from studio10creative! It made my day to see she had posted this week & I had a list to write: the topic was “My addictions” (in a fun manner) I easily wrote a reply to her post:
Ice cream
Sleep – I just can NOT get enough!
Tia Maria, ice & milk (I want one now)!
Making lists

But it got me thinking, there is more! I think I’m also addicted to doing challenges. I did a Tame your Temper, a month long parenting challenge with Jackie Hall a few months ago. In September I did a Spring Clean Challenge with mummabeorganised. I also did a local #magicofthemanning photo a day challenge in September. Then carried onto a mental health month #mindonthemanning photo a day challenge & Blogtober (Blogging challenge)  in October.

Today’s the 3rd November & I’m feeling a little lost! I haven’t posted on my blog for 3 days, haven’t posted any photos, I feel I’ve lost my purpose. Of course being me (over thinker extremist) I thought more about it. I need structure, I need purpose, and I need achievement. I’m a stay at home mum, I also work part time but my weekdays are mostly unplanned. I need to plan stuff! I try to have something planned each day, but I forget sometimes. When I’m tired especially it’s easy to be unorganised. The house is a mess, there is always shit to do, but not shit I want to do! I want to keep writing; I started thinking of all these serious topics to post about. But I don’t feel ready for serious yet. I want to keep having fun. So I’ll try to think my way out of this dilemma, unless a kind person out there can type me a hand?
Meg x

Me - a little lost!
Me – a little lost!

3 thoughts on “My Addictions

  1. Tick, tick, tick… many of yours are mine as well. Including doing challenges, and having a messy house. LOL! Leave the shit, and have some fun! Always a good motto to have 😉 Hope you’re having a good week lovely. x

  2. Hahaha oh Megan, over thinker extrimist! Fear not, write a post about your favourite memory as a child around Xmas. I will be attempting to get my butt in Xmas gear also xx

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