Morning or night person?

I think I only realised this as a way to categorize people a few years ago. Its funny how you go through life not thinking about something & then when you do, its sooo obvious. You’re either one or the other & both hold a slight contempt for each other.

Me, I’m a morning person – (stop rolling your eyes Night Owls) I wake up early & I’m ready to go, I don’t sleep in much. {Providing I’ve slept relatively well} I get out of bed pretty well straight away & I get stuff done. I’m productive in the mornings. If I can start the day with a walk, I’m stoked. I’ve got my exercise done. I like breakfast. It’s so easy. I’m chatty in the mornings. You should hear my 11 year old & me go. I’m a bit of an energiser bunny, but my battery starts to deplete around dinner time. By about 9:30 I’m always thinking about bed!

My husband on the other hand, is a night person. He struggles in the mornings, he’s not chatty, he’s not happy; he’s probably only half awake. He hits snooze about 5 times (annoying!), then drags his sorry ass out of bed. He rushes around madly trying to get ready in time to leave for work. He rolls his eyes & probably mentally covers his ears to our morning chatter. He is productive after lunch; by about 3pm he is really getting going. He often stays up late & is productive from afternoon until about midnight.

I think it’s a fascinating illustration of people’s differences. And it’s also something you have to keep in mind in relationships & with friends.

Since having a baby, things have changed quite drastically in our house. Not being a night or morning person is no excuse, you have to toughen up! When you are getting up throughout the night repeatedly, you’re not a morning or a night person, but just a person – surviving.

Realising our differences we came to an agreement that really works for us. He is on night shift until 12am & from then on I’m on call. This way I can go to bed early when I need it (and I still do) and he can sleep more in the mornings when he needs it (and he does). If I can sleep for a good block, I’m good to go. Wake me more than that & I struggle! I can’t say it enough but when I partner helps share the load of a baby waking in the night; it makes such a huge difference & for me defines a true partner!

Gotta go, time for bed! 9:10pm 🙂
M x

ps. Too late for me to find a photo for this one, sorry!