Maybe I’m a Lady Boy?!?…

steam train

Last Friday I took my Dad on a Steam Train ride. I took him for an early Father’s Day present. It was so much fun. I love Steam Trains. I was so excited sitting in my seat, listening to the toot of the whistle & the chug of the engine. My Dad held my 1 year old most of the way & she too was fascinated, my Mum & I sat opposite. My Dad has given me this appreciation for old vehicles.


Growing up my Dad owned Vintage Buses. Yes you heard me! We had 4 over the course of my childhood years. I still remember the number of the first one, 2457 which was a 31 seater green bus. I can hear the brum brum brum pattern the engine used to make, as clear as day.  I had many birthday parties with a bus load of my friends out. We even had a blue & white Double Decker Vintage Bus at one point.

double decker

All this got me thinking about all the typically ‘boyish’ things I love in life. I’ve been to many car, bus, truck, train museums and shows!

DSC_0862Last Sunday there was a Holden Car show near my house, I knew my parents would go, so I walked down with them to have a look. I am at home at a car exhibition. I wander around & pick out my favourite. I’m more of a Ford chick really however. I’ve owned a Ford & my cousin works for Ford. And I just reckon they are better. E.g.: a Ford Mustang, my all-time favourite car.  Was a toss up between these two, which was my fav.

DSC_0861Growing up I loved NRL Football, I follow the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. I always have, my Dad grew up a couple hundred meters from Belmore Sports ground. I don’t watch much football these days but like to know how my team’s doing so check in with Dad. They are still my team after all.


At Primary school I loved to play handball. I loved to be Ace! I also loved Fly (the jumping game where you have to jump through 3 sticks.) I was good at it. I also loved to throw a tennis ball as far as I could to & from my friends. I remember a friend at school Melissa who could really peg it, (as good as if not better than any boy!) She was excellent at handball too! Yo yo’s were fun as too.

I played backyard cricket with my family & I can bowl properly. No underarm crap or chucking. We also played football. My Dad also used to kick a bomb (high kick straight up in the air with a football) and I would have to catch it. At times he paid me $1 if I could. I made a few dollars!

I loved going to my friend Nadena’s house in primary school as her big brother had heaps of Matchbox cars, we’d play with them time & time again on this big rock wall she had in front of her house. It had the perfect space for matchbox car roads.
And how could I forget my BMX bike! We had a great bike track right next door with roads, jumps & burns. It also had an awesome climbing tree in the middle. I spent hours, days, and years on that track. I loved my yellow wheel rimmed BMX and that climbing tree!

I’m not a total Tom boy, I like girly stuff too, growing up I loved Barbies (I have no problem with them even as a feminist, I choose not to, I believe they are good for imagination & play), baby dolls, skipping, gymnastics, elastics, make up, nail polish, jewellery etc. I think I just liked a good balance. I think it’s good to let kids do what they are interested in.

Now days, I still like a good balance. I have my Mountain Bike & love to go riding in the bush. I’m going to get my motorbike licence sometime soon. I was booked into the course but then dislocated my shoulder, which has put that on hold. I love the sound of a good motorbike engine! I went to my first cricket game in Tassie a couple of years ago – finally. I like to watch big sporting events. Some of my highlights have been Basketball & Ice Hockey in Canada! I love to get out on the water on our Kayak. I tried surfing for a while but it wasn’t for me. I like a nice cold beer!

And really I’m writing this because I just got to thinking about all these great things I’ve enjoyed in my life. I’m really am a bit of a boyish lady, but I do have a vagina, (that I was born with.) ~ And I’m not scared to say the word! Ha ha ha
Bye for now

3 thoughts on “Maybe I’m a Lady Boy?!?…

  1. I’ve always been a bit of a girly, girl…but always loved spending time with dad when he was out fixing the car, or changing tyres, or mowing the lawn. I learnt so much from him, and miss him terribly. Great post Meg x

  2. I love smashing gender stereotypes 🙂
    I always liked the same music as the boys growing up. I was into surfing. I liked Holdens (sorry haha) and knew most of the models. I love going to AFL games and hate when I go with girlfriends who just want to chat – damn it – there’s a game on!
    When there’s a gathering, I love being with my girlfriends (I have a very feminine side) but I always have one ear out wanting to chill with the boys too.

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