Lists! love Em..

imageI love writing, I was thinking today it’s probably my favourite artistic outlet and way of expressing myself. I’m in a new bloggers group and came across another new blogger I really liked her idea of a weekly list she gives out the topic and we write a list.  It’s meant to be on a Monday, but I’m late! I’m a real list writer so this idea appeals to me.  I got out my note book and wrote, it was fun. I think I’ll keep an eye on her weekly List topics.  Just because I can 😄


One thought on “Lists! love Em..

  1. Great list Megan. Thanks for playing along. Snap on no8. Living in London. But I lived there 25 years ago for 5 years. Loved it. My now hubsters family live there, but we don’t get back often enough. My kitchen is a mess too {ssshhh…don’t tell anyone!} Enjoy the rest of the week. x

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