List writing for fun!

  1. swimming underwater
  2. Be at the beach
  3. Sing
  4. Op shop
  5. Take photos
  6. Read
  7. ride my bike
  8. Write
  9. Create something
  10. games (cards, board games etc)

That’s my list of 10 things I do for fun.

And:  Things I feel good after doing:

  1. Yoga
  2. Walk my dog
  3. A bit of gardening
  4. re-arrange a room
  5. Swim Laps at the pool
  6. De-clutter a cupboard/ room
  7. Ring a friend/sister for a chat
  8. Meditate
  9. Skip
  10. have a nap

I’m trying to do 3 things from these two lists EVERY DAY.  I must do at least one from each list.

Writing lists is one thing I enjoy doing.  So I thought I’d turn it into a blog post, something I have not done in months.

What are 10 things you do for fun & 10 things you do, just because they make you feel good?  Please share!