Last night…

What’s on my desk is the topic for Blogtober 20th.  Mess is the answer. It’s been on the to-do list forever. Last night I spent 2 hours filing, sorting & cleaning.


I love this desk. It came with the house! When we bought, the previous owners asked if we wanted it. I said no at first as we had a desk. But it must have been too big & they were unable to move it, so it became ours. It’s a perfect fit for the room, I’m so glad we got it. I love the room too, once it was a verandah.


So now that it’s tidy, here are some notable things on my desk:
A really cool Native Indian bark painting version of Noah’s ark, it seems. (I rediscovered it under another photo last night)
A clay Noah’s ark my parents gave me.
My tree of life, moved into the office last night.
My Ukulele, perhaps I’ll play it more if it’s in front of my face?
A calendar, painted by foot & mouth artists I support & love! You gotta have a calendar at a desk!
An all-time favourite photo of Ducks on my parent’s pond, I took this photo with a SLR Film camera, aged 17 & developed it myself in the darkroom as school. On the back I discovered last night, my description of what the ducks were doing.
A mini canvas painting done by Super Girl. Footprint butterfly painting of baby girl’s feet.
Plenty of pens & paper used on one side for re-use and assorted stationery.
One tray full of important papers & stuff to do etc. Another tray I didn’t get to file last night, but am feeling motivated & will do it soon!
Folders with filing, bills etc. I hate filing, I was once a records clerk at a local council, however I like things to be filed & easily found. Dilemma!
A box of birthday cards & cardboard for making more.
A map of the world – desk mat.
An electronic photo frame, I put there last night & aim to put some photos soon! Too many electronic photos I rarely look at.
A photo board, I found in a bag last night & put up, with some photos & space for more.
Quotes, my favourite “She really is the person her dog things she is” my friend gave me this & if true, I’m awesome cause he adores me! I smile every time I read it.

My inspiration for cleaning my desk, apart from this post is my friends. We like to share before & after photos of our mess. We will see if we can out-do each other in the messiest kitchen or biggest pile of washing etc. It’s quite therapeutic!

So I’m feeling good, I achieved something last night, after an unproductive, frustrating day. Little baby (who I will from now on call ‘Bundle’ As she is a little bundle of joy, trouble & character wrapped in the cutest package ever seen)  is very clingy & still not 100%. So I got Jack shit done. Sometimes you just need to achieve something in a day, it really helps!


10 thoughts on “Last night…

  1. Hahaha, dang you are good at organising! that room did a complete 360! my study was similar, to yours but after uni I decided I need as little crap in there as possible. Now, the crap has simply spread to other areas of the house…great find on the Yen, hope you went to treat yourself ; )

  2. You make me chuckle! I love that you and your mates try to out do one another’s tidying! I could literally write a book on that…so cute!
    Your space looks so much fresher, I bet you’re feeling it too!

  3. I felt a bit guilty when I saw your little bed head. If you were closer, I would give you a desk. I actually have a spare one in the garage not being used! Spoilt aren’t I!


    PS. I love ‘cleaning desk’ day. It is like a mini-treasure hunt. There was one time that I found a P100 bill wedged into my folders. A gift from me to me!

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