I won an award!


I was surprised & happy to be recognised by a fellow blogger for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! This award aims to recognise the unique voices of women bloggers from across the globe! What a great way to connect with other bloggers, recognise them and get to know one another a little better!

I think I actually should get this award for managing to finally put a post on.  ha ha!  Things have been busy & I have felt like a total snail, everything takes soo long lately.  This past week I’ve started a new part time job & then dislocated my arm on my 3rd shift, making it damn near impossible to finish this blog post I started a couple of weeks ago!  So I’m proud to even be posting.

I want to say a big Thank you  to Kelly from www.mumbo-jumbo.com who nominated me for this award! Kelly is a 30.. year young  Mum who’s been blogging for sometime, she writes honestly about parenting, saving money, cooking great food amongst other things. She wrote a very good piece on being a Step-Parent.  Plus I just love the name of her blog, how cool does it sound, Mumbo-Jumbo!  Why not check out her page? Link above.

For this award I have to answer questions given to me by Kelly so you can get to know me better.  I then nominate further bloggers & give them questions.  They answer my questions and post a link to my page on their site.

So here are the questions Mumbo-Jumbo gave me:

1. Are you a skirt or pants/shorts type of girl?
Pants & shorts first for comfort, but I do like to dress up when I get the chance!

2. You can’t be bothered cooking dinner. What is your go to ‘cheat’ meal?
I declare it a M.Y.O night – Make your own.  Second choice, chuck some meat pies in the oven.

3. When was the last time you wrote or received an old fashioned letter by snail mail?
I actually love old fashioned mail.  I often send birthday cards, small notes or invitations.  Most of us enjoy getting something in the mail.  I used it a lot in Youth Work.

4. Tell us about a funny thing that has happened to you, or something funny you have seen this week?
My baby girl has just started walking. She plods along bow legged, so cutely.  She is getting more & more confident & realising she can explore & reach new things. Today she came walking down the hallway with a packet of pads in her hand. Yesterday I took a half open (new) Tampon from her mouth that she was sucking on like a smoke.  Ha ha

5. Top 3 pet hates?
1. Littering! So lazy & disrespectful. Keep Australia Beautiful I say, it’s really not that hard.
2. When people say stuff to boys/men like ‘cried like a girl, ran like a girl etc.’ I think being a girl is awesome. Not something to be said as an insult.
3. When people start a sentence by saying ‘I’m not racist but..’ usually followed by saying something racist. If you’re not racist, why even talk about it?

6. Share a link to your all-time favourite post. What makes this particular post your favourite?
My very first one, about what clarity means to me & hence the name of my blog. My Own Clarity. It was exciting launching my website, I’m not sure how many people read my first post. Would love for you to read it now. http://myownclarity.com/clarity/

7. Are you superstitious? If so what is your most unusual belief?
I’m not superstitious at all, however as a kid I was a little bit. One unusual superstition I had involved building Lego houses. I would never allow myself to put the wrong football team colours together, especially (blue & yellow for Parramatta as I hated them.) I thought if I did that then they would beat my team – the Blue & White Bulldogs.

8. What is the most embarrassing thing your child(ren) has said or done in public?
Well not really funny embarrassing but..  In the midst of post natal depression when my baby was about 3 months I went in to see a nurse in a pharmacy, I’d made the mistake of going in when she was due for a sleep, so she started crying & I couldn’t stop her. I had to get out of there & I was in tears myself. I just felt like everyone thought I was the most hopeless Mother. The Nurse was so nice to me but she couldn’t stop her crying either, neither could my Dad who was with me. Everyone was looking at me, with looks of pity, (and probably not judging me, who knows) but I just felt terrible. It’s hard with a baby who cries a lot.

9. Give us your best tips about how to keep the household budget in order?
Try doing a $21 week. Read my post http://myownclarity.com/my-21-week/
It’s about trying to use what you already have in your pantry, building your menu plan from the week on what you already have. When you go to the supermarket, (with your list of what you need) stick to the list & don’t be fooled or sucked into buying all the things on special that you don’t already need.

10. When was the last time you did a random act of kindness? What was it?
2-3 months ago? I was at the Supermarket & a young guy in front of me seemed to not have enough money for his groceries.  I gave him $10.  He actually did have enough in the end & gave it back to me, most thankful. In the car park he offered to take my trolley back for me & even tried to give me the $2 back from the trolley. I told him to keep it.  I was impressed with how honest he was, he could have pocketed the $10 but he didn’t.

Well that was fun, thanks Kelly.  I like random questions.  “I have lots of questions in my teeth” my daughter once said when she was 5 years , I love that quote, cause I do too!

My nominations are:
1. Bree from www.twinkleintheye.com
(Because you inspired & helped me to get into blogging & your blog is Great!)
2. Randi from www.peachesandchampagne.com
3. Claire from www.lifeonwallace.com (great down to earth way of writing)
4. Mandie from www.freestylepaleo.com.au (inspiring healthy ideas- to do!)
5. Maddi from www.alifepassport.com (makes me want to travel again)
6. Tiarra from www.blissfullytee.wordpress.com
7. Tessa from www.schuyler.com.au
8. Kez from www.awesomelyunprepared.com (I love your quirky/ honest style of writing)

Congratulations to the above ladies, I’ve enjoyed looking at & reading your blogs.  I hope some of my readers might visit your sites too.  Worth a look friends!

My questions for the ladies above & {to anyone playing along at home are – feel free to give me your answers too}:
1. Are you a Cat or Dog person & why?
2. What is the meaning behind the name of your blog? {Or what would you call a blog if you had one?}
3. What other ways do you express yourself creatively besides writing?
4. Favourite song & why?
5. Is there a particular post you’ve written you found difficult to write? Provide link.
6. What do you do to de-stress/ relax?
7. Favourite drink?
8. If you could travel anywhere in the world for your next holiday – where would it be?
9. What inspires you?
10. What makes you follow a persons blog?

Congratulations, thanks for playing along, I look forward to reading your answers.

Keep blogging/ keep reading

Best wishes!

Meg 🙂

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