How to make Yoghurt – So Easy!

If you like home-made, sugar free, easy, healthy food (with no packaging waste) read on!

You will need:

1 litre of milk

1 cup of milk powder

3 tablespoons of your favourite plain yoghurt (I use a sweet Greek)

A food thermometer (you can get one from Big W for $10)

A whisk & a large saucepan

Containers for putting yoghurt in

All you do:

Put 1 litre of milk and I cup milk powder into a saucepan & whisk

yoghurtHeat to 83 degrees (stir it regularly with whisk & do not let it boil)

When it reaches 83 degrees, take it off the stove & put it into the sink

Cool in sink of cold water to 43 degrees

Add 3 Tablespoons of yoghurt & whisk

Pour carefully into your clean prepared containers,

(I use recycled any recycled containers: fruit, yoghurt, butter)

containersPut in cooler bag and keep at 43* for 12 hours

I kept it on stove for a while, after I’d turned off the element & then put it in the car in the sun. With one window open it was 43 degrees!

You may have to be creative in how you keep it warm.  Sunny patch in the yard, on top of a hot water system, on a heat mat….

After 12 hours put it into fridge

Leave for 24 hours


Tip (remember to make in the morning, so you can keep warm all day)

Tastes just like Greek Yoghurt!

yoghurtSpecial thanks to my “Master Class” teacher Reid Farrell, who googled it, tested it out & taught a few of us how to make this!

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  1. Oh, it looks so nice, but I`m not well known for my patience, so keeping it warm would be my biggest problem. Anyway, with all these “artificial” in-store yoghurts that won`t rot even after one year, because of all those chemicals in them, I think this is much better variation. Nice.

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