How many clothes do you own?

Warning! This could change your opinion of me. I’ve had doubts about whether I should write about this! What the hell I thought, I will, judge me if you must.

I didn’t think I had an overly large amount of clothes. I put my winter clothes away in summer & vice versa. This year when I got out my summer stuff I decided to do a stocktake: I was surprised at the numbers!

Here’s what I owned then: {could be slightly more now.}
Winter wear
Jumpers 6
Jackets 6
Vest 1
Long sleeve tops 7
Long Pants 26
Jeans 5
Cardigans 9
Neck warmers (not scarves) 5
Ponchos 2
Leg warmers 1 pair (rainbow coloured very 80’s)
Beanie 1
Scarves 3

Summer wear
Singlet tops 23
2/4 sleeve tops 5
Short sleeve tops 9
Skirts 11
Dresses 36 (Some are for Winter)
Jumpsuits 2
Wetsuit 1
Sarongs 2
T-shirts 5
Shorts 7
Swimmers 4 pairs
Dressing gowns – 3 (1 summer, 1 winter, 1 towel gown)

PJ Department
Singlets 6
Sets 4
Long pants 4
Tops 2
Nighties 1

Shoes 33 pairs
Flippers 1 pair

In my defense: Op shop’s draw me in like a magnet, I give & receive hand me downs & I’ve been known to keep things for a long time. (I still own a shirt from when I was about 12.) Call me a hoarder if you must!

Does it shock you how many clothes I have? Do you think you have more or less? I dare you to do your own stock take & find out!

It all fits in here (mostly)

2 thoughts on “How many clothes do you own?

  1. Wow! If it all fits then your fine 🙂 I think I would rather not do a stock take and live in ignorant bliss… I’m sure I own too much already! xx

    Kez |

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