Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home – Helen Edwards

Yes I have read something good lately, my first e book!

A good book can inspire you to do something.  This one inspired me to “make” (and by make I mean, get my Mum to make) some lace doily bunting!   It also prompted me to “fix” (and by fix I mean get my sexy handyman to fix) a leaking tap!

This book has some great photos of things people have done to honour the environment in their lives.  There are photos of homes, yards, businesses & projects.

I am the Photographer for one of the photos!  A bee hotel I came across locally.  I sent it into the author & she chose to use it.  I’m proud!  I’m published! Yeeeha

My published photo
My published photo

I liked that the author Helen thinks the way I do in many ways, the following quote from her book is my favourite example.

“While you sit here reading this book, the sun may be shining, or the moon may be golden silver in the sky by your window.  Your children may be sleeping, or opening their books at school to start their next lesson.  Someone is being born & someone is dying.  A family has just lost a loved one, a war is destroying lives and another human is saving someone from disaster.  Trees are growing higher, dropping their leaves and renewing their bark to reveal the clean creamy golden layer underneath.  A miracle is occurring with the conception of a child while his parents sleep tangled in each other’s arms.  Birds are digging for worms with their sharp pointy beaks and the ants are building their empire, oblivious to the rest of us.  The world gets on with it no matter what you do, but she also needs our help to stay healthy” 

HEALTHY PLANET, HEALTHY PEOPLE, HEALTHY HOME is divided into different sections:

  1. Design, Build, Decorate:

Lots of informative ideas & information about how to do these things.

I particularly liked a story ‘Angela’s Vintage Rental Home about a woman has made a beautiful environmental haven, whilst renting!  She has repurposed everything & has salvaged the majority of her things.  “Everything in her home has a story” I love that.  There is a DIY on how to make her very cute re-purposed chook house!

I related to a section about ‘Nana style’, which is me.  I’m not ashamed either!  I LOVE Vintage; I love things with history, with a story.  I love things that belonged to my ancestors; my Nan, my Grandma, my parents.

  1. Grow, cook, eat:

This part contains lots of practical advice on being sustainable in our yards, how to better compost, recycle, keep chooks & native bees.  She focuses a lot on our daily actions such as our purchases, with an emphasis on consuming less & creating less waste.  There is a good section on food choices and cooking with yummy recipes.

  1. Make, create, do it yourself

There are some great DIY creative projects.  The book is packed with inspiration & information that can be used on a practical level. Such as buying less stuff & being content with what you already own!  This makes a lot of sense.  One of her ideas is that we revamp a room by re-organising, rather buying new things or go out with your family for change of scenery, rather than renovating!

My Lace Doily Bunting!
My Lace Doily Bunting!

So do you get that I dig this book?  BTW, this is not a book ‘review’ as it’s totally biased.  But that’s okay, I write about things I like.  I would never be a critic.  I’m always looking for inspiration & how I can improve & live better!  This book did that for me.

There is a special offer at the moment where you can get 20% off the price of the eBook & a free gift.  I highly recommend this Aussie born, down to earth, inspirational & knowledgeable author/ book.  You could also follow her blog if you too want inspiration too.  Why not take a look?

The book, available in paper or E version.
The book, available in paper or E version.



4 thoughts on “Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home – Helen Edwards

  1. Looks interesting. Love practical sustainable ideas and sounds like this book is full of them.
    We can all always do better with looking after our planet.
    And congratulations on the inclusion of your photo.
    I love the bee hotel. So cool. ❤️🐝

  2. Fabulous review of a Fabulous book and author. Congratulations on getting your photograph published in such a worthwhile book!

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