Good News Stories

Last month I started a new job. I’m a Youth Worker.

People who work in community services know the risk of burn out & stress relating to the job. We work with vulnerable people who have often had trauma in their lives. It can be challenging, emotional & tiring.

Good news stories are important, we are often asked to tell them (without names/details) as they are an opportunity for us to share the wins, encourage each other & remind us why we do what we do. (Well they are my reasons for sharing)

I could write a blog post about all the good things that have happened in the past month in my work. So I have, in the form of a list!

  • Getting a job that was advertised as a 5 day per week position, but the interview went so well they adapted it to suite me & allow me to do the role in 3 ½ days per week. Feeling valued from the beginning!
  • I knew the majority of staff who worked there & have done for a few years now. It was an easy transition into a new workplace. Everyone is very inclusive, respectful & supportive.
  • On my first day, the Site Manager shared her beautiful home- made vegetable soup with everyone. We all ate lunch together! It was delicious & I later got her tips on how to make soup that good! {My soup making has now improved}
  • My office is about 200m from the beach! I can walk there in my lunch break. I drive past the beach every afternoon on my way home on purpose!beach
  • Our office is in 2 townhouses next door to each other. It is very un-corporate, it’s literally a house. We have a kitchen with food in the cupboard & fridge. I share an office/bedroom with 4 others.
  • It is common practice when you make a cuppa to ask if anyone else wants one too & it’s okay to sit down together & drink it together.
  • On my 2nd day, part of my team & my direct supervisor, who are based in Kempsey came to meet me & we were all taken out for lunch!
  • NAIDOC was in my first week & I went to an event where we got to do beading with  with young people.  We had a tasty lunch of fresh fish, salads & Kangaroo.
  • I am privileged to work with some awesome Aboriginal People. Five out of 14 of our staff are Aboriginal; my employer totally respects & values our first people, as we should.
  • I picked up a brand new work car, a Toyota Corolla – not for me alone, but one I can access. It had 15km on the clock when I picked it up. I got to drive it for the week. YeeHaaaa15km car
  • I got squeezed into a 2 day TAFE workshop on Trauma informed Care, which was excellent. We get the opportunity to complete the assessments and gain that module of the Certificate.
  • The Program I work in – Give us approx. 4 weeks from when we meet a young person to when we have to do a case plan. Giving time for workers & young people to get to know one another, what a great practice! There is real flexibility in how I can work.
  • I’ve started to work with young people again, after a bit of a break. I’m being reminded of the many reasons I love working with them.
      • The other day when I was with a client in the car, I let him choose the music we listened to, he played songs he loves, and I was surprised I knew a lot of them. I asked him about why he liked the songs & he explained them to me. He sat in the car singing & chatting to me. (Made me happy – music is a great source of conversation, inspiration & joy.)
      • On this drive, we saw a guy walking in the street, my client told me was drug f**ked & did all these weird things. This led to a natural conversation on the risks drugs can have on your mental health.
      • We ate lunch at a beautiful local beach. I love that I am able to use the beautiful natural environment in my work. I point out to young people the freedom we have to do such things, that people in jail do not have. meeting place
      • My client said he remembered me from when I was a facilitator at a youth event years ago & he was in primary school – stoked!
      • In our office we do not have team meetings, we have team experiences. At the last one, we had a specialist speaker from Department of Family Services who shared some of her excellent work practices. I’ve used one already!
      • People take turns in bringing morning tea & presenting at the Team Experiences. See photo of the cake that was made for the last one!cake It was the boss’s birthday! {Have I mentioned the food that I’ve eaten at my new job?!}
      • I can start my week with a private yoga class, across the road from the ‘office’ with the team.
      • I’ve offered to lead the next Experience. I’m going to talk about working in a Green Office – it’s already a PAPERLESS office!
      • There is another of our offices in my street I can work from, it’s within walking distance! My job offers that flexibility.
      • It’s very family oriented, they are understandable & supportive of the challenges with family.
      • I work with someone I’ve known since I was 2 years old, someone who knows me like no other & who will always have my back {and vice versa} one of my sisters!
      • My Workmate
      • And there are often little Cadbury chocolates in the lolly jar! Someone keeps filling it up!!
        • Which good news story to share???

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  1. Lovely to hear such positive stories of your working day. So happy for you that it has proven to be such a fantastic job.

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