Going on a Treasure Hunt! I ain’t scared!

It’s Clean Up week in my neighbourhood.   Check out what I observed on my walk this morning.

DSC_0713A Billy Cart, begging for some kid to finish it off & play with it.  We used to have Billy Cart Races on our bike track next to our house as kids, it was a lot of fun!

DSC_0715Across the road this, not sure what you call it, racing trike?  looks like it’d be fun!  I’ve half a mind to take the kids to get it when they get home…


This black dish/ pot plant holder/ outdoor fish bowl, had $69 written on the back, I considered taking it but had no use for it.  It was shiny black & must have come from some Nursery or Garden Shop.  Perfect condition, just needs a wash.

DSC_0718Safe & Sound Car Seat & Body Board both in good condition.  It’s all very tempting for someone like me:  But I refrained &  all I came home with was a floral cushion for the chair on my verandah & a pen holder.  I picked up a small fish tank but sternly told myself to put it back!

Clean up week brings up mixed emotions for me.  Both excitement, curiosity & disgust.  I’m a scavenger, I love to check out what others throw out.  I love to find goodies.  I can’t help myself.

On the other hand I find it disturbing the amount of stuff there is.  Some things I can’t believe people had in their homes, they are so ugly & gross!  Yet some things are so good & they are throwing them out?  What upsets me most is where it’s all headed if it doesn’t find a new home.. Landfill.  I love the idea that people go around finding & keeping things for themselves, it saves it going into the land.

Is it good that our local councils do this, I wonder?  I assume it prevents people from dumping it.  Is that the purpose?  It’s convenient that’s for sure.  However I think it helps people remain big c

onsumers.  I believe is a major problem in Australia.  When rubbish is picked up from in front of your house & taken away, you don’t have to concern yourself as to where it goes.  Landfill worries me.  I fear we are going to run out of space or all be living on top of a tip.

So I urge you, when it’s Clean up week, get out there, go for walk, see what you can find.  It’s fun!  Send me a pic of your best finds!

And maybe, just maybe, think twice before purchasing new things, do you really need them, or just want them?!





2 thoughts on “Going on a Treasure Hunt! I ain’t scared!

  1. Kez, I love the idea of someone else having a great BARGIN find of something I no longer want. And totally agree, it’s essential to leave your rummaging in a neat respectful way.

  2. I always try to donate stuff to charity op shops and the like before I put them out for collection. If I was not so lazy I could probably sell some stuff on Gumtree, but sometimes I like the thought that my old things might be someone’s amazing, affordable find. I think it’s great that people scavenge and recycle things that they find, as long as they leave things as tidy as they found them 🙂

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