What it feels like for a Girl”

I fight like a girl, act like a girl, cry like a girl, I am a strong powerful GIRL. I think it’s an insult when it’s said to a male as a negative. They should be so lucky. Women are tough. Women have the ability to give birth & somehow manage the pain associated! I don’t think there is a male comparison to giving birth.

Its all about CHOICE. Women have so much these days, following are some of the areas:

SEX: Make it good! Do what you have to do to ensure this. Do it when you want to, no obligation! It’s said that women have more intense orgasms! Happy endings are important! My satisfaction & enjoyment is equally important as my partners. Gone are the days where sex is a woman’s duty. Do it because it’s good. Or don’t do it at all, that can be a choice too!

LIFE GIVER: I have been blessed I have 2 amazing daughters, I don’t think anything has taught me, frustrated me, toughened me up more or given me more joy!

I got paid maternity leave for 6 months when I had both my girls. I chose to take time off to look after them & to adjust to being a Mum. I’m now enjoying part time work.
I totally respect any woman who chooses not to have children for whatever their reason!

NURTURER: I chose to be a nurturer, (it’s who I am), I like looking after my family & helping out my friends, I care.

STUDY: Is good. I have been lucky enough to do lots in my life. Opportunities are limitless; it’s worth studying something you love!

CAREER: I’ve had many different jobs, my work is important to me & I will only work in a job I believe in. Woman can do anything they choose.

COMMUNICATOR: We can talk, most chicks I know are good at this stuff! It’s satisfying to talk through a challenge or fix a misunderstanding.

EQUALITY: I chose to be in an healthy relationship. My husband treats me with 100% equality & I wouldn’t have it any other way. Be in a good, healthy relationship or don’t be in one at all. Three cheers to all the single ladies, it takes strength & independence to be content on your own.
I feel respected as a person & a woman, equal to all people.

Aust Day 2016 093ORGANISER: I am often the home & family organiser. I believe usually women are. We see what is required & make it happen. But I don’t do all of the work or make all of the calls, I have excellent support & I delegate!

SPORT: Women can play any sport now days. I’ve enjoyed Netball, touch footy, tennis, swimming, gym, yoga, mountain bike riding. I take my hat off to women who play male dominated sports, especially tackle football – Girl power, courage & strength.

HAIR/MAKE-UP/ DRESS: I like to wear make-up; it’s amazing what it can dd! At times I wear none at all.

I love how we can get all dressed up, anything goes; dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, tops & shirts, Shoes can be high or flat. There is a lot of choice in how we dress.

I enjoy changing my hair style. I have had long, short hair & most colours. I like the choice & freedom we have as women. Be brave girls, do something different.

COOK: I can cook, I do it a lot, BUT sometimes I don’t! I enjoy creating good food, I love to eat. Equality is important. All who eat should contribute to the cooking, I believe! I would never be in a relationship where my man didn’t cook (Meg’s rule number 1)! My 12 year old daughter is an excellent cook also. I’ve started teaching my 20 month old to join in too.

TRAVEL: I can get in my car & drive, freedom. I could get on a plane & travel – anywhere I wish. I’ve enjoyed all the travel I’ve done & appreciate I can do this independently, without a chaperone.

FINANCE: Be aware of your finances, don’t live beyond your means, know where your money goes & if you are sharing have your say.  Women are usually smart when it comes to finances.  Money is not worth all the stress.

I am so glad to be a woman! I always have been. I have never had penis envy!
There has never been a better time to be a woman in Australia. It hasn’t always been easy. I am so thankful to the women in the past for all they have done, fought for & endured to give me the choices I have today.

I’m thankful to all men in my life & history, who simply know, that women are equal.

Women today have a voice, use yours, you have just heard mine. Thank you

Happy International Women’s Day Ladies.

Ps. Song of the day – What it feels like for a Girl” Madonna


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