Favourites… Um… Yeah… Well

I don’t have any.  I look at Instagram every now and again and Pinterest occasionally. My favourite Instagram person or whatever you call it, is my friend who has a blog @twinkleintheeye.  She takes really good photos of her gorgeous boys and also shares some of her awesome cooking, which if I’m lucky I get to sample!  Following is one delicious example! It was as good as it looks!

imageWhat I like about Pinterest is that I can look up anything I want ideas on and get stacks. For example I wanted to make a cardboard car for my baby so checked out Pinterest and found this one which I made later.

image image


I just tried to do an experiment by going on Pinterest. I want to search for ideas on how to reuse old greeting cards. I found a pretty cool lampshade with all old buttons put on it for decoration and pinned that. However that was not what I was looking for.  I found a few cool things, but nothing yet I’m super keen to do.  I gave up and realised, yet again, Pinterest is a great time waster. I’ll stick with Facebook.

Thats all folks.  Sorry if photos are sideways on a laptop or PC.

5 thoughts on “Favourites… Um… Yeah… Well

  1. Thank you for being honest. I am actually an addict of both although I have no favourites on Pinterest. I am more interested in the content that in the pinner since everyone repins whatever so you can’t really pinpoint who are the good pinners.

  2. That little car is so cute! I’m like one of those silent but deadly Pinners…stalking out good ideas but never sharing my own haha! As for the greetings cards I reuse them to make gift boxes for little chocolates and truffles that I give out on Christmas 🙂

  3. There’s nothing wrong with having a little scroll through now and then. It’s perhaps actually better than the opposite end of the scale – someone like myself who is completely hooked. x

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