Favourite place to shop

In this car! Going anywhere In this car!I wish I could say, for this car, but I cannot – yet..

carToday was better than shopping, yes you heard me, way better. To me it’s not all that hard. Shopping isn’t that great. I don’t like shopping malls or centres. They are so fake, so full of consumerism & marketing tricks. That’s another reason why I like vintage shopping so much better.  Today I got to drive this little blue beauty. A 2015 model Holden Astra VXR, worth $43,000.00 Australian Dollars. Not a super expensive car, like some which are over $100,000 but for me, it’s a lot.

dad drivingI’m someone who’s most expensive car ever owned was $10,000 & that was second hand – Honda Prelude 1988 model. Most of my cars have cost $4000 or less.

The VRX has a 2 litre turbo charged engine putting out 205kw.  It has 20 inch 8.5 low profile alloy wheels.  It has a stunning interior with lovely comfortable heated leather seats, inbuilt blue tooth, Satellite Navigation & all that.  I liked the cool sports steering wheel, foot pedals & little gear stick with 6 gears!   I WAY prefer manual cars, I’ve been deprived & driving Autos for over 10 years now, I’m dying to go back to a manual. It’s claimed acceleration is 0-100km in 6 seconds. I can confirm that. My Dad easily proved that. I got up to about 80km in 2nd gear, very quickly, it was fun.  My Dad informs me a V8 Supercar can do 0-100km in 3.6 seconds, so ‘my car’ is not that far behind! The roar of the twin exhaust & turbo sounded sweet! I’m in love! The blue suits me don’t you think! (That’s not really a question) ha ha.

I got this experience as my Dad produces a motoring program called Road Ramblings. Heard on many community radio stations in Australia & worldwide on the web. You can check it out at www.roadramblings.com he touches on all motoring news & information & has a real passion for them. With this position he frequently gets to road test cars & attend big motoring shows as Media. He offered me a drive, I said yes please!

I decided to dress up for the occasion in my Audrey Hepburn style scarf & favourite Vintage black top with lace shoulders & back, black straight skirt & court shoes. Sophie Blakemore from www.sophiesvoice.co has inspired me to dress to the occasion ( or over dress – but why not, not enough opportunities to dress up these days).Audrey MeTechnically I was shopping too; I bought lunch for my Dad & I after he accompanied me to an appointment for my injured shoulder. And I might be soon investing in repairs to that shoulder. The Specialist appointment had a cost too. So in line with the shopping topic for the day, I’m spending!

Back to reality now & my usual car & life. I’m at home, baby girl is asleep & I’m trying to whip out this post!

However one day – I will own a car like that!

Audrey x


9 thoughts on “Favourite place to shop

  1. Thank you Denis, we had a lot of fun! You must have been a fly on the wall, we were talking about Bathurst! Wouldn’t that be fun!

  2. Meg you look stunning in that beautiful pocket rocket….also like your choice of clobber to enhance the experience….never fails to impress, dressing ‘up’ for a special occasion! :>}

  3. You know? Sometimes it’s really really nice to do something that’s out of the ordinary but could one day be a reality. Well done, you looked fabulous 😊

  4. Audrey Hepburn eat your heart out. It sure sounds like you had a fun day Megan…good on you! Also hope the shoulder improves (you’re going to need it when you race at Bathurst).

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