Everyday Essentials

Ha ha of course my first instinct is to take everything literally, what is essential? Really? I can live without my phone, coffee etc. I can’t live without water, food, sleep, LOVE. My chooks will die if I don’t feed them & I want the eggs! I must water the vege patch too, which damn I forgot to do yesterday…

But stop it Megan, think outside the square, what is essential to making my life good!?

Cuddles from my 15 month old baby, her smile, her eyes, she’s just adorable
Time, kisses, cuddles with my husband
Chatter with my 12 year old, hugs, laughter & jokes
Patting my cat
Taking at least one photo
Physio exercises – twice a damn day! I’m trying hard to do this one. (Recovering from a dislocated shoulder)
A walk
A tea & a coffee, a habit, a routine, an addiction?
Sleep – I never quite get enough & therefore always want more! A full night sleep is so treasured (when bubby does it)
Looking at the sky, in the morning, throughout the day, sunset – I always do it.
Facebook – I admit. It’s a bit of a lifeline & I keep in touch with a lot of friends this way, it’s also a bit distraction & time waster.
Smelling my juicy fruit tree out the front (really called Port Wine Magnolia). I breath it in every chance I get!
Blogging ATM, I can’t believe I’m on day 3! Yippee
Doing my photo-a-day challenge ATM (see my photography Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/megangoodsell1photographer
Singing, I get songs stuck in my head every day. I listen to the radio. TV bores me!

Have a good day thanks for reading 🙂

5 thoughts on “Everyday Essentials

  1. I love your interpretation of this post challenge, your essential items are so honest and beautiful! It is so great to see what makes other people happy!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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