Enviro/ Money saving Christmas – 2016

Christmas is an interesting time.  A time of expectations.   Unfortunately often a time of overspending, over-eating & indulging occurs and huge waste is created.

I don’t want to forget that.  Last year we had a Buy nothing new theme. This year there was a mixture of bargain hunting & recycling.  Here’s some of how we did Christmas this year.

  1. We gave my daughter a little tykes Car for her main gift. I got it for free from an awesome local recycle/ free/ swap page I’m a part of.  I cleaned it up & hubby fixed the broken steering wheel.  She loved it!

  2. We fixed & repainted a little wooden table, that’s been sitting broken in the garage for ages.
  3. I received a 4th hand IPhone 4 from Supergirl who upgraded.
  4. My parents gave our toddler a brand new Fly Swat! Cheap, genius gift I thought! Ha ha
  5. My youngest sister’s 1 year old was given an awesome 2nd hand Thomas the Tank Engine, train set as his main gift, it came with about 6 trains, heaps of tracks, bridges etc. Recycled from their lovely neighbour.
  6. On the 23rd Dec I Op shopped & found:
    1. Half a dozen great quality t shirts for my husband.
    2. A 2nd hand Breville bread maker that looks like it’s never been Used!
    3. A hand painted bird feeder house for my Mum’s garden
    4. Brand new Paris coasters (in the packet)
    5. Tin candle holders that can hang in the garden or on the back deck.  (nothing like last minute finds!)
  7. My brother in law gave me 2 native shrubs for the garden, Scaevola Aemula or common named Mauve Cluster, which will attract butterflies, one he’d propagated himself.
  8. Some stocking stuffers for the girls came from Op shops.
  9. Super girl got a 2nd hand laptop that my husband had refurbished from his work place – (would’ve been a throw out.)
  10. My other sister gave a homemade hamper; which consisted of the most divine peanut/ cashew butter, chocolate balls, capsicum & tomato passatta, semi sundried tomatoes, capsicum & cashew dip, vege stock & homus – all home-made.
  11. My Mum gave me some hand knitted cushion covers for the lounge – Check them out!
  12. Super girl found a 2nd hand Mandala phone cover for her Aunty – it cost 50c & she loved it!
  13. One of my sisters always wraps gifts in junk mail catalogues. Unique!
  14. Super girl did a wonderful painting for me on a recycled canvas – My favourite gift.
  15. I’m re-using old cards for price tags in my new shop (which I will writing my next post about)
  16. And of course – my old favourite, keeping some wrapping that can be re-used next year.(If not too ripped.)
  17. For lunch, we all took a plate, it’s fair to say, my Mum did more that her share but, altogether it was a wonderful lunch & enough for dinner also.

In the past I’ve been guilty of overspending & indulging.  This year I am not.   I had a really lovely relaxing day with my family and there was not too much stuff to find places for.  Xx

Ps: Ideas for next year

A batch of home-made play dough

More hampers of home-made goodies and gift certificates for home made meals.

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  1. Thanks Kez! Yes try it! Give lots of warning so people don’t freak out tho. It’s more fun than buying new stuff, I reckon! Happy new year to you too!!

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