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I felt overwhelmed when I read this topic for day 13 of the Blogtober challenge.  Travel is a favourite topic that I love to discuss.  How could I possibly choose a number 1,  England, (London, The Lakes district), Scotland (the castles), Canada (the Rocky mountains).  Sydney Australia is up there also even though I’m an Aussie. Or a dream destination for that matter, that’s even harder as the rest of the world awaits.  It makes my head spin, seriously, I’m getting a headache! I didn’t get to Ireland, what a crime when I was in the U.K for almost a year.  I didn’t go to Wales & Megan is a Welsh name, what was I thinking!?. Japan, oh how I long to go there.  I love all things Japanese; sushi, kimonos, futon beds, dining tables without chairs, bonsai trees & Art.  Beautiful kind polite people!  Africa, Victoria Falls, Lions in the wild! My favourite animal (cats)  India – I want to go there but I’m scared to see the poverty, I couldn’t ignore it.  I have not been to Bali too!

What I enjoy about this challenge is, it occupies my thoughts a good part of the day.  Yesterday I finally decided that London and England are my top travel destination.

bigben I lived in London at age 23 for a year. I loved the tube, I sat and read on my 45 min trip to work and read so many books that year. I worked at Borough, for PricewaterhouseCoopers the next stop  along from London Bridge.  I loved the parks, the way the sun doesn’t set until 11pm in summer, the Theatre, the beer- Carling or Kronenbourg, I still think is the best beer!  I lived in an interesting shared house, which created lifetime memories and experiences.

Bounds Green HouseI wrote letters ( on paper) and corresponded with family and friends in Aus.  I emailed (it was just getting going) my parents daily! I did not have a mobile phone and I survived. I met my eldest daughters Father there.

red phoneboxI gained independence in a new way.  I dyed my hair blonde there, went very pale and got a bit of an accidental accent!  The homeless population, influenced me to go into a Community Service Career when I returned home.  I love big cities.  I have always held the most fond memories of London.  A fellow blogger C.A. Wrote a great post about her (London) but she calls him Ben.   Check out her cool take on London.

My memories take me there in an instant.  To the semi detached house in Bounds Green, with the clothes line across the middle of my shared room.  To my footloose and fancy free days. I miss you London and can’t wait to see you again, all grown up years later.


Much love x





5 thoughts on “Number 1 travel destination

  1. Aww, you’re so lucky! I would give so much to have a chance to live there! You should definitely go back! If you do, tell me then I would come and we could roam around together!

    Thanks for mentioning my post. xoxo

  2. I love how passionate people are when they talk about something they love, its nice to read. Lovely post, hope you get to see all the places you’ve missed! X

  3. What a lovely post! Maybe we can swap you come to England and I’ll head to Australia 😊

    Your time here (UK) still sounds so vivid, like you are still here living the London life. Hope you get to come back and see your old watering holes.

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