Day 7: Meaning of my Blog name

Clarity is my favourite word, I love it. It means seeing a situation clearly, not being deceived. It means truth; it is beautiful, clear & honest. Like water. Water that is clear & clean is so refreshing & healing.

I have moments of Clarity. These moments sometimes occur when I have a situation with confusion & I need direction. The first time I put a name to my clarity was when I was in a relationship where I was being lied to & manipulated. I was very confused as to what was actually going on. I left the situation & went to my sisters. I had headache thinking about it all. I remember taking a pain killer & laying on the bed. I prayed for clarity. Later my sister & I sat & wrote out all the things that had been happening.. It became clear there was a big problem & something needed to change.
I have found walking can help create clarity for the day; it can help me to have a more positive outlook. I do best when I walk every day. Going for a walk can help to focus on the beauty of the day & the things I am grateful for. For a while I lived within walking distance to the beach & walked every morning with my Dog, now I walk near a beautiful river.

Swimming can induce clarity for me. I swim when I can at the local Olympic Pool. The other day as I swam, practicing mindfulness; listening to the peaceful sound of the water, feeling the cool on my skin & I began to realise I need to do this more, I need more time out & time to myself, that will really help me! I have a beautiful, demanding baby; I am also battling post natal depression. I’m constantly trying to work out what will make life easier & more pleasant. I think swimming is a key.
I love the beach – I absolutely love to dive under the waves. The water clears my mind! I go under wave after wave. I could stay in for hours. When I finally dragged myself out last time – a moment of clarity – go to the beach more!!!

Sometimes writing can help me get to a point of clarity. Sometimes meditating can help me clear my mind & get to that point. Sometimes praying or talking does it. All I know is I want more of it. A Clear mind & head is much better than a foggy, depressed mind full of worries. I want more clarity.

On my blog I write about things that are important to me, the way I see the world, the challenges & joys of being a parent. Things I do to look after the environment & try to reduce my carbon footprint. Part of this for me is shopping 2nd hand. It is a real passion of mine. My blog is also about mindfulness about how each moment in life comes once only.

How do you get your clarity? Any ideas you could share?

My river
My river

7 thoughts on “Day 7: Meaning of my Blog name

  1. Thanks Sophie, I will check out the headspace ap. I was listening to Triple J hack yesterday who were talking about mental health aps.

  2. Yes Alicia totally get that. I was once told how a psychologist opened all her car windows on the drive home from work to blow the day away and clear her head. I liked that. Yesterday I was loving the strong wind it felt really refreshing.

    Thanks for sharing 😄

  3. Thank you C.A people watching is a great one! I Thought you were going to say ‘watching t.v’ I find it fascinating to wonder what is going on in other people’s lives and often wonder: where are the going? Love your clarity.

  4. This is an absolutely beautiful post. I’m happy for you that you already know of effective ways to clear your head. For me, as lazy as it may sound, I find clarity in as simple an activity as sitting down and watching people. Their movements relaxes me somehow as they go busily to and fro. They look so alive and like they are screaming their own stories to me. It does feel good to be alive.

  5. Nice post, I get moments of clarity when I go for walks, it’s as though the fresh air literally blows away the confusion and cobwebs of my mixed up thoughts and ideas.

    Thanks for posting, may you continue to have moments of clarity…

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