Day 6 Blogtober – Outfit of the day!?!

Isn’t it funny how we turn any topic around to be about what we want it to be? I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. Today’s topic for my blogging challenge is ‘Outfit of the day’. Honestly, I didn’t really like the sound of it as I’m not one to post pics of myself in ‘outfits’, usually, but then it dawned on me in another light it is one of my favourite subjects! Most of my outfits, the majority of my clothes are from Op shops, (Thrift shops/ 2nd hand). And I’m not a daggy dresser! There is so much I love about it, it’s like a hobby or a passion, here’s a few of my reasons:
• It’s recycling! There is so much excess clothing in Australia & people have too much. They give stuff away when they are sick of it & I find it!
• It’s reducing Landfill
• It’s unique – I find unusual & great stuff
• It’s supporting many charities
• It’s cheap. The outfit I’m wearing today cost me under $10 but new it would have cost a lot more
• It’s fun!

This morning I had a few errands to run. I put on one of my favourite tops & my denim skirt (I noticed they were in again & found one for $4 second hand)! I took my baby girl in her pram that cost $10, wearing her bright pink Jeanie pants $1 & a lovely little top $1 with silver sparkly shoes my friend gave us. She looked adorable. I have no problem dressing my baby in second hand things, they are barely worn usually & I always wash them. I got a comment in a shop that my top really suites me & another comment from a friend that she liked my denim skirt. I must be on the right track!

Me 007To prove my point to you, I passed Vinnie’s (St Vincent de Paul Op shop) I went in for 5 minutes, (all in the name of science.) I immediately saw the vintage beauty case $3 & got 6 different items of clothing shown for my little one, they had a special on 50c a piece for size 1 & under. Score! See photos

baby clothes I post lots of my awesome finds on my Facebook page I don’t usually have them on at the time. But thought I would for this one!

Op shopping is a win win as far as I’m concerned.  Have you tried it?

10 thoughts on “Day 6 Blogtober – Outfit of the day!?!

  1. I wish we could go shopping together, I get way too excited also. I get these crazy bursts of energy in Op shops. Good on you Sam!

  2. thrifty and fabulous! I absolutely love secondhand shops. When I was a kid I used to buy actual baby clothes for pennies for my baby doll. I always felt so grown up haha!
    You look amazing by the way! 🙂

  3. I like this – I’m very pro reusing and recycling. I try to keep clothing going for as long as possible and restyle.
    Using the environmental principle is a much better reason than my budget.

  4. Yes!!! I too am a thrift/charity shop lover!!! And I also have no problem in buying my baby girl second hand clothes!! It means she get lovely, often branded clothes for next to nothing and most of them still have tag or you can visibly tell they’ve probably been once before the previous owner has grown out of them! And as we know little ones don’t stay little for long so why pay silly amounts?! Ahhhh!! I get way to excited about charity shops 🙈 x

  5. Yay love this post! I love that you haven’t just gone in and shown yourself strutting around in some outfits like a typical OOTD post. Great job 🙂 x

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