Day 17 Blogtober Challenge – Tips for new bloggers

Well I decided I would sit this one out & I posted the following on Facebook instead.

“Here’s my advice to new/ all bloggers – take a day off whenever you feel the need & go out & have fun. Don’t spend too much time in front of your laptop on a beautiful day! Love Meg x”

I decided to add it to my blog so I have not missed a day of the challenge!

So here is a few pics from my Day off.  I spent 1/2 of it volunteering at a local Akoostik Festival in the Kids Tent & the rest looking after a sick baby.  Then back to the Festival that night to see a great old Aussie band, The Black Sorrows.

akoostik festival 035 akoostik festival 039 akoostik festival 059 akoostik festival 061 akoostik festival 088 akoostik festival 116Everyone needs a day off!


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