Day 12 – How blogging has helped me!

I like this topic, it’s made me reflect (not that I don’t reflect daily already).  But anyhoo… I think blogging has been really good for me & has helped me in many ways.

It’s helped feel to more comfortable with sharing my voice & opinions with the knowledge that I have no control whatsoever on how the reader interprets me. I’ve always worried more than I should about what others think, I try not to & I don’t want to, but fact is I do. I’m sensitive. I still can worry even on Facebook that a comment I made will be misunderstood & that causes me stress, but blogging is helping reduce that.

Blogging is making me more creative. In September I started doing a photo a day challenge for the local newspaper’s website, I loved it.  The topics were easy. In October I’m doing another photo-a-day challenge for mental health month & the word prompts leave more to the imagination. I’m also doing the Blogtober challenge & managing to write every day!! Some of the topics I have read & not liked, but this has made me think outside the square & find an angle I can write from.  (Thanks to Alexandra Mucenieks organising Blogtober for us, it was a great idea!).  I think all of these challenges have increased my creativity & helped me realise I can fit enjoyable things in, even with a busy little toddler & family.  This in turn helps my mental health.  As in my description of what My Own Clarity is about, I am always striving for clarity & balance. I think all this creativity is helping me, even more than exercise has in the past. So in a way, it’s keeping me on level ground!

I’ve been blogging since last year, it was a slow start but I always enjoyed it when I managed to get a post-up. The encouragement I’ve received from friends & family has been great. I know it’s a bit to expect them to read all my posts & I try not to feel sad when they don’t. But when people I don’t know read & comment, as is happening with Blotober, I love it. It’s a supportive environment to be in & it’s a lot of fun!

Yesterday's photo, prompt: priority. The environment, care for it, enjoy it, appreciate it!
Yesterday’s photo, prompt: priority. The environment, care for it, enjoy it, appreciate it!

15 thoughts on “Day 12 – How blogging has helped me!

  1. I can relate so much. I have switched from art to reading to writing and now to blogging to keep my sanity and state of mind intact. I think it is the part that we are so busy trying to compete with our own selves and not resorting to posting for the sake of the challenge. There is also a part that we have all been family in some way as we constantly support each other.

  2. Oh hell yes Sidney, I do that too. It gives me a topic to mull over for the day. Or I walk around thinking the same.. I might write about that & I start a blog in my head! Funny little fellows aren’t we.

  3. It`s so creative because it changes the way you think. When I saw something happening outside or a good scenery I wasn`t like oh yeaaa this one I can use for my blog! But now, everything is inspirational for me

  4. Me too Rachel, it really. Creativity is so important, I’m learning that in a new way lately. thanks x

  5. It really does give you a sense of achievement doesn’t it Alicia! Very challenging what your going through, but your passion is clear! And yes this challenge & the people doing it are awesome!! x

  6. Chin chin, hehehe I am also loving the challenge, I have been out of work for a few months now. And its hard going I tell you, but the blogging has sort of kept me going in between the many interviews and disappointments. It’s still the only thing I have going where I can keep the momentum and drive for my love of food and teaching.

    And, you guys on this challenge with me totally rock, cause now I am having to sort of be accountable. It’s very encouraging…

  7. It’s so great to see how different people react to blogging, it can really be beneficial to some people! I’m glad it has helped you.

    Kez |

  8. Its nice to know I’m not the only one that is relatively new to blogging. I’m enjoying these challenges so much, I love reading about everyone’s experiences. X

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