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8 thoughts on “Day 11 – Behind the scenes of my blog

  1. a baby duck!!!!!

    Your little story about your keyboard reminded me of the time when I would play single-player games on my PlayStation. My sister would come and demand that she plays too so I lend her a disabled controller. She does not press any of the buttons anyway. She just holds it and watches the characters move on the screen.

  2. Kez, we think it’s an Australian Wood Duck, there are lots around here with their chicks at this time of year. Pretty cute hey! I let him/her have a swim today.

  3. Aww, love the duckling! Do you know what species it is? It looks a bit like a pacific black duckling to me, but I’m no expert! I think his/her name, Pecan, is gorgeous by the way. xx

    Kez |

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