Dark Days

Some days are just dark. Some hours, some weeks. On Tuesday of this week I just felt low, angry, tired & unmotivated. I felt worried I was falling back into depression.

On Tuesday this week someone I know tried to end their life. I didn’t know this until the next day. What a terrible thing. That person has had a lot of struggles in their life, a lot to deal with. But a great person inside, with so many positives. Reminds me of Robyn Williams in some ways. Now in intensive care, and would have died had someone else close to me not rung the Ambulance. I’m so sad for them, so sad that they are now at this point in life. Thank God they are still with us.

On Wednesday was a Funeral of a young man who took his life last week. I don’t know him, but I know someone who did & she was devastated! She had tried so hard to help this him. He had many difficulties in life, everyone has a long story. My friend was so surprised he had ended his life. It is so final. At the Funeral when people die, good things are said about them. If only they could hear them before they go. If only they could see how many people are affected & sad, who cared about them.

I’m so lucky I have family & so much support around me. On Tuesday I told my Mum & Dad how I felt. My Mum told me to get out for a walk the next day, even though I didn’t want to. I did, by the beautiful river. Nature helps, being outside helps. My parents prayed for me, it helped.

On Wednesday my Dad took my baby for the morning so I had a few hours to myself & then we went out for lunch. I’m so blessed.

In this dark week there have beautiful days, perfect Australian winter days. The sun has warmed me. There has been amazing sunrises too.

Sometimes our emotions seem to overwhelm & threaten to crush us. Sometimes I can barely see through the clouds. But, there is always some hope, even if it’s just a ray of light. It is so hard to see it sometimes, but you must look. This too shall pass.

Much love

Meg xedited

5 thoughts on “Dark Days

  1. What an accurate portrayl of how I also occasionally feel. It’s good that you can appreciate the blessings in dark days, gratitude has helped me so much 🙂

  2. I find it so sad to hear of so many people these days, being so low and down, that they see no option but to take their own lives. It seems so much more common these days, than it did in the past. Depression is a real struggle, and you definitely need loving and caring people around you. You are so right, there is always hope, but sometimes it just not so easy to see that. Take care. Nature has amazing restoring powers. x

  3. Thanks Judy for sharing what lifts you. Music is wonderful, I should use it more when I’m down as I love it too. X

  4. It is hard not to feel deeply sad when we are close to others who suffer like that. We are so fortunate to have family and friends to lean on, and I absolutely identify with the restoring power of nature. Bushwalking feeds my soul in a really fundamental way, but just noticing beautiful things around me can do that too sometimes.

    The other thing that helps me is music. I have what is politely called ‘eclectic’ taste but I can often find just the right music to suit my feelings and soothe or stir me up if necessary 🙂 Thanks for this post, take care.

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