My own Clarity

Photo0429I love it when I have moments of Clarity. Clarity to me means seeing things clearly & honestly. (for more details on my explanation see ‘about me’ section)  These moments sometimes occur when I have a situation with confusion & I need direction. The first time I put a name to my clarity was when I was in a relationship where I was being lied to & manipulated. I was very confused as to what was actually going on. I left the situation & went to my sisters. I had a headache thinking about the situation.  I remember taking a pain killer & laying on the bed. I prayed for clarity. Later my sister & I sat & wrote out all the things that had been happening.. It became clear there was a big problem & something needed to change.

I have found walking can help create clarity for the day; it can help me to have a more positive outlook. I do best when I walk every morning. It gets the circulation going in the body & gives me time to enjoy the early morning & my surroundings. Going for a walk can help to focus on the beauty of the day & the things I am grateful for. For a while I lived within walking distance to the beach & walked every morning with my Dog, I loved that! I’m not walking at the moment!

Swimming can induce clarity for me. I swim when I can at the local Olympic Pool. The other day as I swam, practicing mindfulness; listening to the peaceful sound of the water, feeling the cool on my skin & I began to realise I need to do this more, I need more time out & time to myself, that will really help me! I have a beautiful, demanding 6 month old baby; I am also battling post natal depression. I’m constantly trying to work out what will make life easier & more pleasant. I think swimming is a key.

Yesterday I went to the beach – I absolutely love to dive under the waves. The water clears my mind! I stayed in with my nephew (who happened to be there too) going under wave after wave. I love it! I could stay in for hours. When I finally dragged myself out – a moment of clarity – go to the beach more!!!
Sometimes writing can help me get to a point of clarity. Sometimes meditating can help me clear my mind & get to that point. Sometimes praying or talking does it. All I know is I want more of it. A Clear mind & head is much better than a foggy, depressed mind full of worries. I want more clarity. It is my favourite word!
How do you get your clarity? Any ideas you could share?
Thanks for reading my first post – I’m hoping blogging will help create clarity & happiness for me! (And maybe you) x

3 thoughts on “My own Clarity

  1. Congratulations on your first post! Great! I need to be more purposeful about creating time to find clarity. The space is so easily cluttered by life and things. Might be a good goal for 2015 🙂

  2. I believe that writing things down has a therapeutic benefit, and I hope that in doing so the future will give you all that you deserve. We love you very much, Barbara xx

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