Christmas Wishful thinking

Honestly I don’t need much!  This year my family & I will once again have recycled Christmas gift theme.  Something pre-loved, made or an experience.  Last year it was great fun.  You can read about it here

I did easily come up with a few wishes though!

Dream on!
Dream on!

But in all honesty, my wish is that life keeps going the way it is, I am blessed to have a wonderful family & bunch of friends both near & far.  I am happy.  I am enjoying my life & everyone in it.  I don’t want much to change, to rapidly.   Except for more sleep – bring that on!

I’m aiming to remember this at Christmas, how many blessings I have!

Possessions really aren’t that important or what it’s all about.

Love & Peace

Miss M x



3 thoughts on “Christmas Wishful thinking

  1. Well Sid I think ukulele is more simple as there is only 4 chords. But it’s a great book with loads of well known great songs in it. My friend has it. And it would be lovely to play to my little one, she would dance & probably love it!

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